Yes, you will have to pay for the games at a high price on Google Stadia

The launch of Google Stadia is scheduled for November, and as we get closer to the date, a clearer picture of what that will entail is emerging. Prices, in particular, are important for many players, who have to balance the costs with the advantages – and the disadvantages – of Stadia.

We know that there will be a subscription service for a dozen euros with free games and discounts on others, but what if you have the free basic formula, which I as you recall, is limited to a definition of 1080p 30 fps and a stereo sound. Well, you still have to buy the games you want to use, and full price, as if you bought it for your console. But on Stadia, you can not download the game or play offline, so you’re at the mercy of your Internet connection and Google support for the game. But Google thinks that the benefits of Stadia justify the price.

” I do not know why it would be cheaper,” said Phil Harrison, head of the Stadia department , at Eurogamer, ” The value you get from playing on Stadia means you can play it on any screen of your life – TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone “he explains.

In short, the flexibility of Stadia when it comes to streaming on any device is worth the disadvantage, but it raises sensitive issues. For example, if you pay for the full game, and Google removes it from its library (as happened with several titles on the Google Play Store), what happens then?

Of course, developers and game publishers would not necessarily want their games to be cheaper on Stadia either, lest they turn into more lucrative sales on other platforms. The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass also offers a hybrid subscription/purchase system, with individual games also available at a high price.

What do you think of Google Stadia? Is it worth it?

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