What is Windows LTSB? What it Means?

In this article, we explain what is hidden behind the abbreviation LTSB and what Windows has to do with it.

The abbreviation LTSB stands for “Long Term Servicing Branch” and embodies a specific Windows 10 version. Windows 10 LTSB stands for a slimmed-down form of a Windows operating system. Without constant updates or annoying apps and features, the software works stable and fast in this version. However, there are some limitations to the availability of this operating system. For whom Windows 10 LTSB is meant and what else you should know about it, you can find out here.

  • Windows as a service
  • What does LTSB mean?
  • Install Windows 10 LTSB on your own computer
  • When is Windows 10 LTSB not suitable?

Windows as a service

To understand LTSB, we first need to take a look at the way Microsoft’s operating systems work, much more their updates. In the meantime, Microsoft does not produce any version models for its operating systems, but regularly issues updates for Windows 10. This principle is also called Windows as a Service . However, the LTSB version is only available as part of Windows 10 Enterprise , specifically for companies and businesses.

What does LTSB mean?

Microsoft Windows updates come in the form of different models. The distribution of these models takes the form of service channels ( formerly: service branches ). Long Term Servicing Branch means translated as long term service branch . According to the change in service channels, the correct name is now Long Term Servicing Channel ( LTSC ). Apart from the new name, nothing has changed in the way it works. In the following overview we have listed the available service channels for you:

designation target group Windows updates
Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) for private and business customers automatic updates with new features and features every six months
Long Time Servicing Channel (LTSC) only for business customers every 2-3 years, there is a new LTSB version that includes all new features released during this time


Note: For LTSB, companies also have the option to decline the update and wait for the next release.

Since new functions and apps can also trigger security vulnerabilities and attack areas for hackers, LTSB is a very secure variant. The current LTSB version for Windows 10 is Windows Server 2016 .

Install Windows 10 LTSB on your own computer:

While you are not a company, you still want to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 Enterprise? These include, for example, no unnecessary apps and features, such as Cortana, Windows Store or Microsoft Edge. As the name suggests Windows 10 Enterprise, this version of the operating system is intended for companies and therefore can not be purchased by private users. However, you can try this version of Windows 10 for 90 days . You can download the software under the name Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB . All you have to do is register or sign up with a Microsoft account. The installation is very similar to the setup of Windows 10 below.

When is Windows 10 LTSB not suitable?

The biggest advantage of this version of Windows 10 is that updates are done only at very long intervals. The limitations of Windows 10 LTSB, however, mean that this operating system is not suitable for all users or user-specific requirements. For example, if you often work with Microsoft Office or use your PC intensively to surf the Internet (eg for research or social media), Windows 10 LTSB is rather unsuitable. Users who need the Microsoft Store are also advised not to use this version of Windows because the Microsoft Store is not available.

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