What is Wifi 6?

IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax … You get quite a few unclear terms when you dive into the world of WiFi. That is why the WiFi Alliance decided to take a different approach: 802.11ac becomes Wifi 5 and 802.11ax becomes its successor, namely Wifi 6. What can we expect from the new standard?

Wifi 6 offers more than just a name change. Of course, you will get a faster wireless connection again, but the real spearhead is probably the greatly improved performance in crowded, public areas. Places where so many different devices are connected to the internet, think of an apartment complex or at the station. Or of course at home, if you have several family members who each use the internet with their own device. Moreover, more and smarter devices are coming into the house that all require a connection.

More efficient
The so-called OFDMA technology in Wifi 6 provides a better and more stable connection in busy areas. The MU-MIMO technology, which can also be found in the current Wifi 5, makes data transfer faster. It will soon be possible to transfer data back and forth with eight devices at the same time.

With the Target Wake Time technology, a router with Wifi 6 can make a much more efficient connection with a mobile device, so that the router only signals if the device has to send or receive data. This costs a lot less energy for your mobile device, so you don’t have to hang it on the charger as quickly. The technology will be especially interesting for various smart devices in the home or wearables that do not always have to be connected to the internet.

This is how fast Wifi becomes 6
The question remains how much faster your internet connection will be and that will always depend on many different factors. Theoretically, however, it is possible that Wifi 6 is approximately 37 percent faster than its predecessor. Even if you don’t make it, you will no doubt notice the difference. In crowded areas, Wifi 6 promises to be more than four times faster than now.

If you add up the new speeds, the improved performance in busy areas and the more efficient connection options, there is plenty to look forward to. We can probably expect the official launch of the new WiFi standard by the end of the year. Then more routers will appear that support Wifi 6.

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