This is how you again record call conversations in Android Pie

In Android Pie, call recording apps are no longer allowed, but the well-known ACR app is back via an app outside the Play Store.

ACR Call Recorder

With the appearance of Android Pie calls recording apps,  that record calls, no longer work with the new Android version. The apps were previously controversial with a view to privacy. Users could record telephone conversations from callers without their knowledge. Each country has its own policy on this topic, but it is mandatory to mention your conversation partner every time you record a call.

The well-known app ACR Call Recorder, and similar apps were therefore useless for a while for Android Pie phones, and in addition, Google also tightened its policy for the Android, so that ACR can no longer link recordings to calls. Only text and phone apps now have access to text messages or users’ calling history, among other things. Apps that break the rules are removed from the Play Store. ACR says that in a blog post.

ACR unChained

ACR now comes with an app outside the Google Play Store that removes Google’s restrictions, called “ACR Unchained.” This app still requires access to users’ calling history, which is no longer allowed for apps from the Play Store.

Install via APK Mirror and to make the app work on the phone adjust the sound level in the settings to ‘0 decibels’. It is also important that you exempt the app from any energy-saving function that closes those processes in the background.

Users can still install the paid Call Recorder license app through the Play Store in combination with the Unchained app to get the pro features. Does the app also work on your phone with Android Pie? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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