Samsung S11 latest rumors, leaks and specs of the smartphone

The galaxy s 11 is looking like a lot of things some of them are really impressive and then others not so much.


First thing first  Samsung phones have made consistently good cameras for a while now but the imaging hardware itself has not taken a big leap forward since the galaxy s7 that is about to change with their new at 64 megapixels isocell bright GW1 image sensors

Samsung phones are about to take not just high-resolution photos but ones with even greater dynamic range north faster autofocus it’s also looking likely that it’s going to allow for 480 frames per second continuous slow-motion video in clean full HD resolution

The S11 plus is not gonna be the first phone to use this sensor but it will be the best one because it’s gonna be combining that with three other cameras for just maximum flexibility.

The second thing is a better camera night mode people were really excited when they found out that Samsung was planning to introduce night mode on the galaxy s 10 because it’s hardware is just so capable especially with a variable aperture that opens up at night to let more light in and the capability is still there but it just so happens that their execution of the night mode on the s10 was pretty weak if Samsung managed to improve this software and being optimistic let’s say they managed to match what the pixels are currently capable of then combining that with the new 64 megapixel sensor they’re gonna have you could get unprecedented low light in theory as for a potential 90 Hertz refresh rate.

5nm Chipset:

The next Samsung devices being powered by a hyper-efficient 5-nanometer chip that would be great but just judging by past history these flagship phone chips they tend to get this boost in efficiency once every two years and it’s only been one year since we started seeing the current 7-nanometer chips.

Mobile Graphic Chipset:

On the flip side though Samsung has announced a partnership with AMD and has pretty clearly stated that its purpose is to create mobile graphics chipsets for Samsung smartphones so you might know that in the PC market AMD is pretty widely known for their Radeon graphics architecture and so if Samsung managed to leverage that company’s expertise it could well mean  a Galaxy s 11  completely fries the competition when it comes to gaming it kind of reminds me of when Nvidia we’re making move all chips and how they managed to produce a 72 core GPU in a phone where most others barely had 4 but also remember that this Radeon partnership my only benefit phones powered by the Exynos chipset so it might not affect people in the US and other regions that get the snapdragon.

Qualcomm 5g Modem:

There is good news though for Qualcomm users in that all s Elevens were – based on the Snapdragon 865 or the Exynos equivalent should have a 5g modem built into the chip the current solution in phones like the s10 5g is actually having a separate modem that sits alongside the chip and so weaving them together could mean not just a slimmer smartphone but also a more efficient one.

Ram and Storage

The s11 plus would also pair this with UFO s3 storage and up to 12 gigabytes of RAM


On the subject of power, we haven’t seen any clear-cut leaks on battery life but I think it would be a pretty safe assumption to guess about 4,100 milliamp hours if you look at their past devices the s8 plus had 3500mah because of the s9 phones were more of a refinement of the s8 they had the same 3500mah but the s10 plus was a full redesign and so along with that came a battery boost assuming them that the s11 is yet another refinement phone it should carry a similar capacity battery.

Fasted Battery Charging

What is a bit more than just a refinement though is that it should also be getting the same 45 watts charging that we should be seeing on the note 10.

Design and Aesthetic

You may have actually noticed that with each new flagship phone Samsung adjusts the aesthetic for seemingly no other reason than to look unique consider the change from the s9 plus to the note 9 if  anything the camera layout on the s9 plus made sense it looks clean and the fingerprint scanner was far down in a phone the phone to reach and yet on the note 9 later on in the year they took what seemed like a backward step on this which will at least in part just have been to make it feel new so this could mean a whole number of things on the S 11 but this is just what I think so far we all know that the S 10 phones have this pretty sizable hole punch in the top right corner and the expectation for the note 10 is for that hole punch to not just shift to the center but to become smaller it’s quite possible then that the s 11 will utilize this smaller hole punch from the note 10 but with the positioning of the s 10 I don’t think that the s 11 is where we’ll see any kind of under screen front camera because the current compromise with quality is a little too high.


Heading as for the price it’s a pretty safe estimate that the s 11 plus is gonna fall into the same bracket as the note 10 Pro so it’s safe to expect a starting price of between 1050$ to 1100$ and don’t forget that by this time the S10 plus will be closer to $600 so it’ll be up to you as to whether or not that purchase makes sense now.

That is the stuff that we’re likely to see but as well as that there are just a few things that I’d really want to for example in consideration when it comes to economics Samsung has a bit of a history with putting buttons and sensors in places that just don’t make sense the note 8 had its fingerprint scanner impossibly high up on the back of the phone and the S 10 plus is power button literally requires a hand shuffle every time you want to press it what is it kinda nice is that with the S 10 phones.


Samsung has massively cut down on the actual weight so they are much more comfortable to hold and I just hope that with the S 11 and moving forward they kind of learn from what has worked.


This article is based on early leaks and some speculation, hope it’s giving you an idea of what to expect but at the same time clearly there’s a lot of stuff that is not set in stone

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