Samsung S10 with Sound and Fingerprint On-Display Technology

Samsung Galaxy S 10 allegedly codenamed Beyond is about eight months away which is usually way too long for us to know anything concrete about the firm but I’ve spent the last two whole days digging through everything that we do know and I think we’ve got some answers

There will be NO Notch

The fact that Samsung created an entire marketing campaign poking fun at apple notch creating character with a notched haircut is pretty indicative and they’ve just recently made a second version of his commercial featuring a notch man’s son and this would be a pretty poor move if they were planning to include a notch also since the s9 and the s9 plus is clear of a notch and from what we’ve seen from the galaxy note 9 that’s clear of a notch it wouldn’t really make much sense for it to appear in the s10.

In Display Fingerprint

We’ve got confirmation of an in display fingerprint scanner a report from et news who are in direct talks with Samsung has basically confirmed that we’re gonna see the feature and yeah they’re not gonna be the first company to do this which on one hand does make it less exciting but on the other hand it probably means they’re gonna do it better.

Samsung has understandably been a little cautious about using this tech from a security standpoint if after they’d started distributing millions of units it transpired that it wasn’t accurate enough that you could hand your phone to your friend and they’d be able to get into it that would be collateral damage for the brand. They’ve not already done it because they weren’t rushing to be the first one to include this fingerprint scanner it probably means that when they do include it, it’s gonna make the experience better. The same report also states that the s10 will use an ultrasonic sensor from Qualcomm which is supposedly greater than the optical sensors seen on the VivoNex this would work with a transmitter under the screen firing ultrasonic sound waves helped some would be absorbed and some bounced back depending on the ridges of the finger and then a receiver under the screen can then interpret what waves arrive back and build an image of the finger and because of the way this works Samsung would be able to build essentially a 3d image of your finger which is more than the current 2d capacitive sensors are able to do the screen of the phone

New On-Display Sound Technology

S10 could well also be a speaker, at a recent Samsung display event the company showed off its new sound on display technology this uses an actuator or motor behind the display which vibrates the screen very subtly to emit the sound this wouldn’t reach a huge volume and the sound quality would likely be pretty forgettable but it could make an interesting alternative to the earpiece.┬áThe earpiece is something companies have been struggling with for the last couple of years as displays are getting larger and this screen display could also mean you can put the phone anywhere over your ear not just one specific point over the a piece now this idea also it marries up quite nicely with the supposed 93 percent plus screen to body ratio that we’ll be getting according to ice universe on Twitter who has a pretty great track record.

High-Performance SOC

From the sources of ice universe, you might have noticed something else speed not only the usual high-performance system on a chip but 5g connectivity

Universal flash storage 3.0 and next generation LP ddr5 ram 5.8.

5g is next big step after 4g, and this comes with a substantial increase in download speeds but something that will be more noticeable to a lot of people is lower latency.

UFS 3.0 this fastest storage is gonna make everything feel snappy here and it could be up to twice as fast as the current UFS 2.1 and the fust of ram is also very plausible we know it’s something that’s being worked on right now and it’ll carry with it even more performance and even better efficiency.

Samsung S9 Sales

Samsung Galaxy S9 sales Well “the best” even weird wider availability aggressive discounts and a better launch strategy Samsung s9 phones have only sold

marginally more than last Years S8 and even less than the s7 s before it and the company through this has probably come to realization that their brand isn’t quite as powerful as Apple’s right now they’re not at a stage yet where they can just release a more iterative upgrade and expect everyone to go out and upgrade to it so this is just a general push for Samsung to in the future prioritize the big phone launches as opposed to the incremental upgrades.

The perks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because in all this excitement it’s easy to forget that there is still another big flagship to be launched from Samsung before the S 10 and it’s all but guaranteed that the S 10 will also benefit from the upgrades we see with the note 9 so from the latest rumors that seem to be a redesigned software improved cameras on both the front to the back as well as faster face unlocking.

Samsung’s 10th Anniversary

2019 is gonna be the 10th anniversary and Samsung is pretty aware of this. They have referred to the phone as their 10th-anniversary device indicating that it’s not just another phone so right from the beginning the plan seems to have been to make this a big one and it’s safe to assume that this phone has been a long time in the making that its development started either at the same time as the S9 or maybe even before it it’s not clear how this will fit alongside the foldable galaxy X also is supposedly coming next year but it is clear that the s9 was created as a filler device and that the s10 is what it was filling in for some sources claim a triple camera others have said a display with over 600 pixels per inch nobody really knows when you’ve got rumors that are six seven eight months in advance there’s always going to be a heavy dose of speculation in them but the core message is consistent that because this phone is a big deal for Samsung there’ll be at least one big new feature.

Launching Early but When?

An early launch this is still speculative but there is potential for an announcement as early as CES 2019 that’s in January a leaked roadmap suggests that in 2019 Samsung’s doing things a bit differently they’ll release the revolutionary foldable galaxy X in place of when the usual S line phones are announced a Mobile World Congress in February and as a result of this the current rumors are saying they will shift the s10 Event to this earlier date so as not to get in the way of itself.

All right so a lot to take in there but personally, I’m really excited for the s10 and for the reasons given in this article there is a lot to look forward to.

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