Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will comes with electrocardiogram

After getting photos of Samsung’s next smartwatch, the SamMobile website learned more about the features of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The watch should include an electrocardiogram.

Earlier this week, the SamMobile website explained that it had received information about Samsung’s next connected watch. The opportunity to learn that it will not be the Galaxy Watch 2, but indeed the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The site specializing in news from Samsung also showed the watch through several shots. On the back of the device, it discovers a heart rate reader. Since as now indicated by SamMobile, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 can also serve as an electrocardiogram.

The website has learned from its source that the watch will integrate an ECG application and will allow the use of an electrocardiogram if the user feels an irregular heartbeat, fast, slow or weak. In addition, the watch will also occasionally check the heart rate from time to time to detect potential cardiac fibrillation. In the same vein, Samsung’s watch should also detect users’ falls and contact the emergency department in the event of inaction on the part of the person.

A delay to catch up with the Apple Watch
These features are reminiscent of those of the Apple Watch 4 launched last September. With its latest connected watch, Apple had indeed focused on health, including cardiac, and assistance in case of a fall or accident. Samsung would essentially seek to catch up on these areas.

We should know more about Samsung’s new smartwatch in the coming weeks. It could be announced at the same time as the future Samsung Galaxy Note 10 whose presentation is expected for August 7.

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