Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus MHL Supports

Mirroring Screen to Computer or Smart TV converts every aspect of the screen, which allows showing bigger and better videos on the TV screen. Samsung S9 and S9 Plus both phones are MHL supported, which means standard USB-C to HDMI cable will easily work with them. MHL(Mobile High definition link) has a major advantage over non-MHL as its supports High definition mirroring and even broadcasts 4k videos. The technology is also available in Samsung s8 and s8 plus. MHL phone needs no external power to connect to Screen as it automatically starts charging the phone once connected. Samsung s10 also has MHL capabilities but with more modern feature and faster rate of transfer.

Below we walk through the steps to connect Samsung s9 and s9 plus to TV via MHL(HDMI) Cable

Buy best MHL Cable:

Connect S9 to TV Using MHL Cable:

  • Buy a most Suitable USB-C to HDMI Cable, it is better to buy Samsung made USB C to HDMI Adaptor, you could also get a good cable from any other company.
  • Make sure your device and ports both compatible with CAble
  • Connect one side of HDMI adaptor to USB-C port of Samsung S9 or S9 plus
  • Now the bigger connector will go to HDMI port located usually on the back of TV screen

Connect S9 Wirelessly Non-MHL:

  • Connecting wireless is more convenientĀ if both devices support some kind of wireless mode called MiraCast or Smart view
  • First Turn on the Smart TV or your Standard TV
  • To Mirror s9 Screen just drop drown the Notification panel, Swipe left
  • You will see Smart View Icon, Tap on it
  • Now A list of devices appeared on the screen Select one which is yours
  • Samsung s9 will automatically start mirroring screen without requiring any type of cable

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