Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaks Rumours Design, Build, Infinity Display, S-pen

We finally have some official information about the Samsung Galaxy Note9 as well as lots of fresh new leaks and rumors.  and let’s break all of these down, in evan style. So firstly, we do have the official teaser for Unpacked and it’s going to be on August the 9th, 2018.

August 9th, Samsung Galaxy Note9, makes sense.

S-Pen of Note 9

The center of attention for the image is a yellow S-Pen.

Now a lot of people thought that this was the home button on the actual device. No, this is the S-Pen with the button that is on the S-Pen. So why is Samsung putting so much emphasis on the S-Pen and in particular the button on the S-Pen?

Well, according to leaker Ice Universe, that is because the S-Pen this year will have Bluetooth connectivity and it’s going to allow things like remotely controlling
the camera on the Note9 as well as remotely controlling music. Now, this makes things quite interesting because traditionally with the S-Pen, you could only use it when you’re hovering over or physically touching the device.

But having Bluetooth connectivity would mean you can use it maybe a few meters away. Now, this does raise a few questions. The S-Pen will now have
to have a battery inside. Is that battery going to be a physical battery which you have to remove? Is it going to be something
that’s going to charge while it’s in the device? Is it going to make the S-Pen thicker? These are all things
that we’re going to have to wait and see for.

Now from this teaser, we also see that new yellow color. This is something that we’ve not seen before. In the render, it’s hard to judge, but it’ll be interesting to see how it looks in hand.

Build and Design

Let’s now move on to the build and design. What is the Note9 going to look like?

Well, a lot of you guys probably already were expecting it to be an incremental update like we had from the S8 to the S9.

And you’re not going to be wrong, because based on all of the leaked renders as well as leaked case designs, it does look like we’re going to have a very similar build and design to the Note8 last year. I said this for the S9 and I’ll say it again for the Note9, this is not necessarily a bad thing because the S8 and the Note8 are still some of the best-looking devices out right now, with a metal frame and curved glass panels on the front and back.

Now the build and design is further confirmed by reputable leaker OnLeaks and that is in the form of a 3-D render which is based upon factory CADs. Now from these renders, we see the infinity display with minimal bezels and no notch, thankfully.

So very familiar to the Note8, but things are a little bit different at the back. With the Note8, we’ve got the fingerprint scanner right next to the cameras. This was a very bad placement, in my opinion. This has now been moved below the cameras like we’ve got with the S9.

However, the camera placement is still horizontal like we’ve got on the Note8, not vertical like we’ve got on the S9. So from the renders, it looks like it’s going to be somewhere high middle, which in my opinion, is still a little bit too high.

With the S9 Plus, because we have a vertical camera placement, the fingerprint scanner is a little bit lower which makes it a little bit reachable. Now, of course, the final product might be slightly different.

But these leaked renders do tell us that we are not going to be having an in-display fingerprint scanner unfortunately. This is something that we might get for the Samsung Galaxy S10 but currently, it doesn’t look like Samsung feels that the technology is at the level for their flagship devices.

The leaked renders from OnLeaks also show a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, so this is good news that this will still be staying here for the Samsung Galaxy Note9. Whether or not Samsung removes this next year, we’ll have to see.

So that’s the build and design,


We also have lots more leaked information from Russian tech reporter, Eldar Murtazin, I think that’s how you say the name. Apparently, Eldar has had some early hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and has written his first impressions.

From what I hear, he has a good track record and he’s touched on a few points. The first thing being that we’re going to have a brighter display, so although the display is likely to be the same size, it is supposed to be brighter than the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Now the Note8 and the S9s currently have some of the best and brightest displays out right now with the super AMOLED technology, so the fact that the
Note9 is going to have an even brighter display is good news and should make it one of the best, if not the best, display on the market when it’s out.

Bigger Battery

Another important piece of information that we’ve got from Eldar is that we’re going to have a bigger battery, up to 4000mAH, which is going to be great news for everybody. Now the Note8 actually has a pretty small battery, 3300mAH. Now this seems to be because of the issues that we had with the Note7
and the battery expanding.

So it looks like Samsung opted for the smaller battery for the Note8 to regain some consumer confidence.

But the Note8 has been a huge success and the Note7 is now in the past, so it looks like Samsung can really go ahead and try to increase that battery. Four thousand mAH would be absolutely awesome, however, this is going to mean that we’re going to have a heavier device. This is something else
that Eldar has said. The Note8 is already 195 grams which is pretty heavy already so it looks like the Note9
might pass that 200 grams mark.

RAM, Camera, Storage

Now another update that we’re likely to have is in the way of RAM. So we are likely to have a 6-gigabyte base model like we’ve got with the Note8, but Eldar has said we’re also going to have an 8-gigabyte model, which will be awesome. But this may only be available in certain markets. Eldar has also said that we’re going to have improved photography, although this is going to be mostly software-based.

So in terms of the hardware, it’s likely that we’re going to have similar camera hardware to that of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. This is something that
we usually tend to see when we go from the Galaxy S device to the Galaxy Note device each year.

And the final piece of information that we have from Eldar is around storage. We’re likely to have a boost in storage with a base of 128 GB, which is going to be absolutely awesome, as well as additional versions with 256 GB, as well as 512 GB, depending on markets. 512 GB in a smartphone, that is absolutely insane. I’m pretty sure many people have laptops with less storage than that.

But that’s all the information that we have right now, all summarized for you in one place. What do you guys think of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 so far based on all the leaks and rumors? Definitely drop us a comment below and let us know.


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