Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will be called Note 10 Plus, leaked on photos

The first real images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus have been leaked. The hole-punch notch can be seen on three (blurry) images, just like the name of the device. This will, therefore, be Note 10 Plus and not Note 10 Pro as previously assumed.

We see the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus on three images published by TechTalkTV on Twitter. A number of things stand out here. First the name. A picture was taken of the screen that is displayed when the device is turned on.

To be exact, it says ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10+’ here. We are therefore dealing with a larger version than the regular Note 10. Earlier rumors already indicated that we can expect a total of 4 versions in the Note 10 series: the Note 10 , Note 10 5G, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Plus 5G. The regular version is expected to have a 6.3 inch screen and the Plus a 6.75 inch screen.

This screen gets a smaller hole punch than the Galaxy S10 series. In addition, it is placed in the center of the screen and no longer in the upper right corner. This can be clearly seen in the image above, just like the very thin screen edges on all sides of the device.

Finally, a blurry photo of the back. There is no fingerprint scanner on this as it will be processed in the screen, which was also the case with the S10. The camera module accommodates 3 cameras in vertical mode, where the Note 9 still had a horizontal module. This makes the appearance a deviation from the horizontally placed cameras in the S10. Two extra sensors – a ToF and an unknown sensor – in addition to the cameras that appeared in earlier renders , are not present in this photo. This could be due to the poor quality of the photo or the fact that this is still an early version of the Note 10 Plus.

Older posts already stated that the Note 10 will get regular buttons and the plan to replace the physical buttons with touch versions has been scrapped. What is also deleted is the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Samsung is one of the last manufacturers – together with LG – that still held to this connection on their high-end smartphones. This comes to an end with the Note 10.

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