Charging Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus using Wireless Powershare Option

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus has diverse charging capabilities it can support the fastest charger, has amazing wireless distinct wireless charging options. It can charge any other wireless charging supported devices via Powershare, a charging feature that turns Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus into charging brick.

Charging Samsung S11 Plus is a simple and Easy process but sometimes simple things become difficult to handle and annoying. In this guide, we will show How to use one of the easiest things in your phone also how to operate Galaxy S11 to Charge any other smartphone vis powershare.

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Charging Galaxy S11 Via Wired Charger:

S11 comes with fast charging support, has very good charging speed with USB-C port.  Lets see how to charge Samsung Galaxy S11 via Wired Charger

Plug the charger to the supported wall outlet

Insert USB Charging Cable to Port

A Charging Notification will display current battery percentage

When phone finished charging remove the cable

Charging Wirelessly:

To charge the phone wirelessly plug in the Wireless charger to Wall outlet

Put the phone  on the Wireless Charger Plain Surface, the phone will notify if charging started

Charging Other Devices Using Powershare in Galaxy S11 Plus

In a critical situation, when your friend phone battery totally drained and you have S11 Plus with more the 30 percent charge than with new PowerShare option it will easily fill up the phone battery. here how to make this feature will work.

Simply drag down two times the notification panel
Tap on Wireless Charging Powershare
Place Galaxy S11 Face down on a plain are.
Put wireless charging enabled device or accessories on the galaxy S11 back. It should be placed in the center of the phone.
Charging notification will pop up
Wait for the device to complete the charging
PowerShare will automatically turn off the charging once it battery reached 30 Percent.


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