Nextbase releases Series 2 dashcams: Alexa integration, SOS function and IPS touchscreen

Nextbase, in its own words the European market leader in the field of dashcams, has launched a new collection. It concerns five models, namely the 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW and 522GW with prices ranging from 70 to 230 euros.

In addition, the range has been expanded with three modular plug-in cameras for 99 euros, which can be placed, for example, in the back of the car. The image is then simultaneously recorded and saved alongside the standard images. The top model records images in 1440p with 30 fps, although it can also store 60 images per second at 1080p.

An Intelligent Parking Mode is provided as standard, which detects movements and shocks of the car and then automatically starts recording images. The two top models are also equipped with Amazon Alexa integration (in English), with which, for example, your voice recording can be started or stopped. Finally, there is an Emergency SOS mode that can automatically call emergency services for 3.99 euros per month (can be canceled monthly) in the event of an accident. GPS locations are finally determined at 10 Hz.

The Series 2 dashcams are about 35% smaller than their predecessors (and therefore take up less field of vision), and the mounting is now done with magnets. Connection to smartphones is possible through the Bluetooth connection, which is integrated from the 322GW. Wifi can be used to transfer images directly to a smartphone. With the exception of the 122GW, they all have an IPS touchscreen.

The new Nextbase dashcams are available immediately for the following prices:

122GW – 69.99 euros
222GW – 99.99 euros
322GW – 149.99 euros
422GW – 199.99 euros
522GW – 229.99 euros
All modular plug-in cameras are available for 99 euros

Image SourceĀ  Nextbase

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