Messenger has a dark theme built-in – how to turn it on

A dark theme, also called eg. evening mode is a hot topic for the time being. Therefore, we are constantly seeing more services and manufacturers who have built such an opportunity. Apple got it into great enthusiasm built into the macOS Mojave and seen several other places, such as Samsung’s One UI interface and the Google Youtube app.

Facebook has also said before that it would come to their popular IM platform, Messenger, but it has left it waiting. Now it’s finally here. But to turn it on, you need to know about a smart little shortcut. To enable it, you must send an emoji.

All you have to do is send a moon emoji to a Messenger contact. Then a menu appears that tells you that you can turn it on in settings. If you enter settings before this is done, “night setting” does not appear in settings, but after it is sent, you can activate it in the app’s settings. It is available on both iOS and Android.

We’ve turned it on and it works smoothly. Then the dark interfaces are for you, so get the moon off.

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