List of Best Google Assistant Apps

Google has made artificial intelligence  a huge part of what they’re trying to  accomplish in the world of mainstream  technology, the Google pixel  which is pretty much the only device  that has access to their new Google  assistant unless you either have a  modified device Google assistant  it’s pretty much the main selling point  of the pixel  it also looks as if moving forward the  assistant. Google assistant can show you  pictures of cats it can tell you how  tall someone is what two times two is  what the weather is like over in Arizona  and where the nearest Taco Bell is  located pretty much your normal  everyday smartphone power user

Assistant can check up to  see if my Chicago Bulls won their last  game against the Miami Heat that’s nothing new. There are also times where you need to set a  quick timer whether it’s to take a power  nap or when there’s food in the oven ask assistant to  set  a timer for 20 minutes, okay quick and simple  there are other things you can use it  for like finding out what a word is in  another language finding the lowest  price for potential upcoming flights  what days certain events land on and  setting a quick reminder so while these  things are pretty elementary and we’ve  had these features on previous  iterations of Google Voice Search. Someone who finds himself shopping quite a bit keeping a list of things is always useful of course and with Google assistant doing just that got even easier add body armor to my shopping list ok body armor to your shopping list so it’ll actually go into  Google keep and start a shopping list for user. There are these third-party apps that recently discovered and they don’t need to be installed to work there will be apps from various categories.

Motivational quotes and music

First up is get motivated this app lets you listen to motivational quotes and music to get you ready for your day it’s great for those mornings when you lack the energy to do anything.

With many of these services, they involve saying the words “Talk To” – followed by the name of the app.

Open Google Assistant and Says “talk to get motivated

Find out what is new on Netflix.

What’s New on Netflix gives you daily  updates of what is new on the popular  streaming service including new releases  weekly highlights along with the  complete list of new TV shows and movies  on Netflix

Say “talk to what’s new on Netflix”

Improve Your English.

English King  teaches proper English grammar it’s not  an app that takes itself too seriously  it can also recite poems motivational  quotes and can tell jokes

Say “Talk to  English King”

Find out the prices for cryptocurrencies.

Getting Bitcoin prices, Just says below word and ask prices of any cryptocurrencies

Say ” Talk to Bitcoin Prices”

Relaxation Sounds.

Heavy rain is an app which  simply just plays sounds from a heavy  rainstorm for two minutes to help you  relax

Says “talk to heavy rain”

Lottery Numbers.

Lottery number gives you six  random numbers for use with playing the lottery

Say “talk to for a lottery number”

Wine Guide.

you got the Midas touch wine guide will  give you wine pairing recommendations  based on the food you’ll be eating if  you drink wine with your meals this app  is very useful  it also gives pairing recommendations  for snacks

Say “talk to wine guide”

Virtual Nurse.

The virtual nurse offers information about illnesses medications and first date advice examples of questions you can ask are how do I  perform CPR, what are the symptoms of the flu and so on you can also ask about the side effects of the medicine that you are taking.

Say “talk to Virtual Nurse”

Dr Doggy:

Lets you know what foods are safe for your Dog to Eat

Say “talk to Dr Doggy”

Personality quiz for Harry Potter fans.

Magical  sword e hat is a personality quiz for  Harry Potter fans to determine which  magical house you would be sorted into

Say “talk to Magical Sorting hat”

Time Machine.

Time machine lets you travel back in  time to listen to the headlines from the  same day of the year from the past

Say “talk to Time Machine”


Will insult you or your  friends in a very friendly manner this  app warns that is sometimes used mildly  profane words so if you’re the sensitive  type you may want to avoid using this  app or if you just want a generic insult

Say “talk to roastmaster”

if you want you to  insult somebody specifically use their name in the phrase, for example, ask roastmaster to insult logan

Cocktail recommendation service

Tender is Cocktail recommendation service how to make all sorts of  drinks if you know what you want you can  also find out the ingredients you’ll  need for that drink

Say “talk to tender”

Mr. Grumbles

Mr. Grumbles is here for you if you’re having a bad day to listen to your complaints

Say “talk to Mr. grumbles”

Reads your fortune.

The misfortunate cookie is  the opposite of a traditional fortune  cookie these fortunes do not present an  optimistic outlook for your future

Say “talk to the misfortunate cookie”

Quora Gives Answers to Your Questions

Quora is a  well-known and popular  question-and-answer website using their  google assistant app can quickly get you  to the answers without having to  navigate to their site

Say “talk to quora”

Word Games

Mad Lips – It is the popular word  game where you can create interesting  and sometimes hilarious personalized  stories but this one I’ll just answer a  few of the questions and then stop

talk  to Mad Libs s

trivia game

full of weird random facts  that may surprise you

talk to today I  learned

 unleash the fart

will give you a random  toot

talk to unleash the fart

Another Motivation App.

We will finish with another  motivational app called daily motivation  which will give you an inspirational  quote or short story

talk to daily  motivation

So These are things you can do with Google assistant if there are other apps for an assistant that you think others would enjoy than must comment them below.

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