How to wipe cache partition in Google Pixel 2

Before getting to wipe cache session we see some quick spec about pixel 2, Google as you can clearly see this is not the pixel to excel since this phone has a massive forehead in chin above and below its 5-inch display but it’s obnoxiously large bezels and forgettable design are honestly the only real flaws this phone. Pixel 2 simply isn’t a looker and the bezels on this phone look like they belong in a device from 2015.

The high-end smartphone released this late in 2017 simply shouldn’t look like this the panel itself isn’t anything remarkable some its 1080p resolution but that’s perfectly acceptable in my book since the screen is actually quite small by today’s standards. Color reproduction on the AMOLED panel isn’t as punchy as what you get on Samsung devices but it’s still crisp and with good viewing angles and enough brightness to be used in direct sunlight as for the rest of the design its stylish yet unassuming the glass panel from last year’s pixel.

Wipe Cache partition in Google Pixel 2:

To wipe Cache Partition on Google Pixel 2, you actually first need to boot up the device in Fastboot mode than in Recovery mode, wipe cache partition will remove all user data and factory reset the device:

  1. Power off the Google Pixel 2
  2. Press and hold Volume down and power button
  3. Release when Fastboot mode appears with arrows
  4. Use volume up until recovery option appears
  5. Once Android Splash Screen Appears press to power up and volume up buttons
  6. Use Volume key to highlight Wipe Data/ Factory Reset and power key to select the option.
  7. This will Erase or Wipe Cache Partition of pixel 2 after the process is completed Reboot the device

By wiping out cache the phone restore to its original condition fixes bugs and errors.



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