How to Use Tags in Asana Management System

How to use tags in asana tags is a nice little feature generally get a lot of questions about tags when to use them what are they best used for so I want to explain that today if you have any questions about anything to do with tags or anything to do with this honor in fact please feel free to gave me a comment below and if you need more one-on-one support with asana feel free to reach out to me.

What are Asana Tags:

all let’s talk about what are tags at a very basic level tags are basically a way of grouping tasks together you could either group tasks from within one project together so you’re kind of segmenting tasks into a tag the other scenario might be where you’re grouping tasks from different projects in one place

Grouping Within One Tag:

So let me give you a couple of examples of that so here we are we’re in my content calendar this is the project I use for planning what content I’m going to be publishing and you can seeĀ  content which is a blog post and it’s a podcast and this is a unique feature of tags is that you can apply more than one tag to any given task and so within this project I’m basically grouping or the content based on the format so if I wanted to let’s let’s click on this this email tag that I’m planning on sending if I click on this email tag I can now see all of the emails that I’m planning on sending everything within this project has been grouped by this tag so that’s the first scenario.

Group Tasks from Different Projects

The second scenario is where you can use tags to group tasks from different projects in one place.

if I go to this my business project I have a task here and it has an urgent tag on it and then if I go to another project like products I have another task with the same tag scrolling down called urgent as well so I could actually click on that tag and now I can see all of the tasks from all of the different projects with that tag so in this second scenario tags are being used to group tasks from different projects into one place and so using an urgent tag really a nice example of pulling all your more important tasks into one place.

How to Create Asana Tags for Multiple Projects:


let’s say I have I’m planning a weekly meeting I could actually apply the tag meeting let ‘s create a new one there we go I’m going to give it a color let’s give it blue.

Set up tag for another one on a different project we’re gonna go meeting and so now a great way of running meetings is to literally every single week click on that tag come on there we go.

Setting Favourite Tags:

Select the tag from list of project and just click on Star to add the tag to favorite.

It will show my favorites on the left and every week click on that favorite and view everything.


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