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How to Turn Off Windows Update on Windows 10 Permanently


How to disable Windows 10 updates permanently now those of you looking to turn off Windows 10 update then this Guide is for you I am currently  running version 1709 which isn’t the latest version the latest version is 1803 now some people have complained about the Windows Update and they don’t want to update anymore and they’re quite happy to stay as they are for a temporary basis and I’ll show a way you can permanently disable the updates if you want to.

Permanently Disable Windows 10 Updates Using Services:

  • Go into Search
  • Type services, Open up the services
  • Scroll Down and There’s a service called Windows Update now the problem is when you disable this sometimes when you reboot it starts to enable itself and I’ll show you how to permanently disable
  • So Double Click on the Windows Update and then go to the startup type and put disabled
  • Then go to the  recovery tab and input take no action in all of these here and put ZERO days inside the reset fail cam after and you put ZERO days
  • Apply on that and Hit OK Button

If you turn off the Windows update and still getting some problems such as auto-updating and low internet speed you can disable this another service as well and it’s called the background intelligent transfer service, but this may also affect some other windows features it is better sometimes to leave this as it is.

Doing Some Registry Tweaks to Disable Windows Updates:

  • In Search Type in regedit
  • Navigate down to H-key Local machine
  • Come down and go to Software drop the little bar down
  • Then drill down to Policies >> Microsoft and then drop down again and inside here you want to look for Windows and inside the windows what we want to do is to create Windows Update Key
  • OR Just Simple Copy Paste “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows” this Address in Address Bar
  • Right click on the windows folder and go new key and then type WindowsUpdate all one word then push enter.
  • Create another folder inside the windows update folder so just right click on the windows update folder and go to new again new key and we’re gonna type in AU and In inside there on the right-hand pane go new Dword 32-bit
  • Name the Key as “AUOptions” and Give the value of 2 and that means it’s gonna notify for download and notify for install so that’s what we want to set that.

Turn On Metered Connection:

Another thing that you can do to make sure that it’s not gonna install any large updates is

Go to Settings >> Network and Internet >> Wi-Fi

Click on your connected Wi-Fi

Move all the way down to where it says metered connection and turned it on

Basically when you turn this ON it will say if you have a limited data plan and you want more control over your data usage make this connection and meet it network and that means it’s not gonna push out any large updates or anything like that so that’s another way that you can say that if you’re on a Wi-Fi connection.

These are Some of the ways to permanently disabling Windows 10 Update to set moreHere are some more aggressive ways to completely finish the windows update system




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