How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S10

How to be  able to take a screenshot on the Samsung  Galaxy S10 and the S10 plus now the  great thing about having multiple  different ways of taking a screenshot is  that you never know what situation you  pop in to wear one of these will just be  a little bit more comfortable or just a  little bit easier to take the screenshot.

So, How to Take Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy S10 if you still didn’t know about it. First something about S10, Samsung has always been known for their  mobile displays but that is particularly best with the Galaxy s10 it  brought an 18 by 9 aspect ratio Super  AMOLED q HD resolution display with  radically improved brightness you can  actually take this phone outdoors and  view content in direct sunlight the  newer note 9 has improved the brightness  even more but overall the Galaxy S10 display is still fantastic it was one of the first smartphones to start  the trend of 18 by 9 displays with  extremely minimal bezels it looks so  clean the s8 was also the first Samsung Galaxy  flagships to remove the capacitive touch  navigation buttons as a result of these  design changes the fingerprint scanner  was moved to the rear because of the  display and it’s in a really awkward  spot to reach I still haven’t quite conformed to it but you do get various  security options in addition to the  fingerprint scanners so if you don’t  want to use it there  is an iris scanner that actually works  pretty well but with a massive display  on the front and all glass rear the s8  is one of the most fragile smartphones.

Take ScreenShot using Buttons Galaxy s10:

The first one we will be talking about is the traditional way of taking a screenshot in S10 which is the power and the volume down button so all you have to do is just press and hold on the power and volume down just for a couple seconds and then that is what initiates the screenshot.

Scroll ScreenShot

There’s one little  small additional feature just in case if you need to  capture more in the exact same  screenshot  this is  gonna definitely help out if you have a  very long conversation maybe it is  something that’s personal maybe it’s a  funny story maybe it’s something that is  legal reasons whatever the case what  you’re able to do is when you take your  screenshot.

You have the option called scroll capture and  what scroll capture does is it allows to  kind of capture more information that  was pretty much-hidden meaning that is  able to scroll down and add that into  one image for you and then once you  have all that done it also gives you the  option that you can draw a crop as well  as share.

  • Just press and hold on the power and volume down
  • Than Press Scroll Capture, you can press again and again until the page ends.

How to Enable Smart Capture in Galaxy S10:

The scroll feature, draw on the screenshot, crop on the screenshot and sharing feature can only be visible if you enabled Smart Capture. Which is one of the advanced features of Samsung S10.

  • To Enable Smart CApture Pull down Notification  Bar Go to Setting
  • Then Tap on Advanced Features >> Smart Capture >> Enable Smart Capture

Take ScreenShot using Gesture in Samsung Galaxy s10

Moving on over into the second  way of taking a screenshot this is  where it’s gonna definitely come in  handy if you’re already holding the  phone with one of your hands and you  just want to swipe across the screen now  you want to make sure that you’re using  basically the palm of your hand  pretty much karate chop it and you’re  sliding your palm the very bottom of  your hand all the way across the screen.

If you notice when you took a  screenshot where that scroll  capture  it’s only  because that window cannot be scrolled down such as  home page now if I was on a different  website maybe  in text messages or  anything else then it would give that option for scroll capture

How to Turn On Palm Swipe Feature:

To turn on  the palm swipe to capture Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Palm Swipe to  Capture >> Enable

You’re not able to use this gesture while the screen keyboard is on so if you’re inside of a  text message and your keyboard has popped up this feature will not be able to work.

Take ScreenShot using Bixby in Samsung Galaxy s10

The third way of  taking a screenshot was one that was  added in with the Samsung galaxy s9 plus as well as the Galaxy Note 9 and  again here on the Galaxy S10 that is with the Bixby button so if you have yours activated to  where you just press it one time it’s  able to listen to you

  • Press and hold Bixby Button for it to follow a command through Bixby say “take a  screenshot”.

Take Screenshot Using Smart Select in Samsung Galaxy s10:

The very last way of taking the screenshot is one that’s just a little bit  more customizable and which is by going over to the  edge panel

  • Just Swipe from the edge of the Screen to Make Visible Edge Panel
  • Now swipe right or left until you see Smart Select Menu
  • You can take Screenshot on Oval, rectangle, or even capture Animated GIFs.

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