How to solve fingerprint Scanner issues on Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is an amazing smartphone with many things to like, but some of its latest technologies are not perfect. In this guide, we will discuss the problems of the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S10 and show you how to make it more precise. Whether you continue to have “no match”, misreading or other problems, we are here to help.

Unlike previous phones, the Galaxy S10 incorporates a brand new ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen, inside the phone. The sensor sends ultrasonic signals capable of reading the unique edges of a fingerprint. And although it’s really nice to see and use, like something out of the movie, it has some problems.

With just a few minutes and two simple tips, we can help you make the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader more precise and work faster, if not more secure. Here’s how:

How to solve problems of the fingerprint reader on Galaxy S10

  • Go to Settings> Biometrics and Security> Fingerprints> and delete your saved fingers.
  • Now, add your main fingerprint again, but hold the phone naturally and not as Samsung describes it on the screen.
  • Complete the whole process and you’re done (do it after adding / removing a screen protector)

    For best accuracy, repeat, add the same inch THREE times.

Do not scan your fingerprints as Samsung suggests in the on-screen prompt. You never hold the phone that way during the day. When registering your fingerprint, hold the phone as usual. This most likely means that you have in your right hand your thumb coming from the bottom right of the phone.

Save your main finger completely three times, then you will check in the system the settings for which of these three fingerprint records is the best. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings> Biometrics and Security> Fingerprints
  • Tap Check added fingerprints
  • Scan your finger and see which of the 3 impressions it recognizes the most
  • It will indicate fingerprints 1, 2 or 3
  • This is your best scan, you can now delete the other two

The first scan is not always the best, so be sure to check which one is best recognized by the phone’s authentication system. Do not forget to delete the other two. Now you have added the same finger several times and kept the best.

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