How to Replace Task Manager with Process Explorer Windows 10

The Task Manager ( Task Manager ) is a very valuable tool that provides much of crucial information on the hardware (CPU, network, memory ) and the applications and services running in to interrupt them if the situation requires. Integrated into Windows, this task manager is far from perfect and that’s why we have created several substitutes much superior in both functionality and ergonomics. This article aims to explain how to Replace Task Manager with Process Explorer.

  1. Download the latest version of process explorer from here.
  2. Make a Separate folder in C: and give it any name.
  3. Copy all the files on that folder.
  4. Open as administrator procxp or for 64 bit open procxp64.
  5. Go to the Options and click on Replace Task Manager

Process Explorer gives the same information but completes it with useful information about each application and its connections to the internet.

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