How to remove the Google search bar on Android

Android is really an operating system apart, partly because smartphone manufacturers can use it for free. Except that Google does not do it by kindness of heart, but to place its products. Here’s a little tutorial to remove the Google search bar placed by default on your home screen.

Who is affected by this problem?
Maybe you’ve seen this title and wondered what’s going on in our minds, because nothing is easier than removing the Google search widget. You are right, but only in part. First of all, we are not yet completely crazy (whatever …), but it is important to understand that not all phones are affected by this problem.

As you can see in our article on Android interfaces, manufacturers generally change the look and functionality of the phone by adding their own layer. Some are close to Android Stock, others are very far (especially Flyme OS). The closer you get to Google, the greater the risk of having to use your services forcibly. Thus, Android Stock phones will not be able to process and delete this search bar as a simple gadget, others should be able to remove it without difficulty.

The second case is equally obvious: if you use a Google launcher, you should obviously have this search bar on your screen. Rest assured, there are solutions to get rid of it if you do not like it.

Why is Google imposing its search bar?
The answer is simple: if you use a product from Google (Nexus, Pixel, or Google Now), the American multinational thinks you also want its search bar. It is not uncommon to see manufacturers impose their products on a phone, and Google is far from the first to have such a practice. Google is the most used search engine in the world, so you may need to use it at one time or another.

Why want to remove it?
The simplest reason is aesthetic: the search bar takes up a lot of space. We could have other widgets or better appreciate a specific wallpaper, for example beautiful mountains.

The second reason is that Google is already everywhere and it might be wise to limit its use. If this interests you, one of our writers explains why he wanted to get rid of Google on his smartphone, and the way used to do it .

Method 1: Use a custom launcher

This is by far the easiest way to get rid of the Google search bar (and the only one if you have a Pixel smartphone): just find yourself a nice custom launcher like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher and you can totally change the the look and feel of your Android, from the application drawer to the main screens – and that includes the Google search bar of course.

Method 2: Remove the Google search bar by rooting your Android

This is no longer a surprise. As soon as we talk about customization, we speak root. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s about taking full control of your device, at the root level . A rooted Android is infinitely customizable, and once it is rooted any custom ROM will allow you to uninstall the Google application.

Did you remove the Google search bar from your home screen? Has the process caused any problems on a specific Nexus or Pixel? Share your experience in the comments below!

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