how to enable split screen than close the split screen in galaxy note 10

How to open Split Screen in Samsung Note 10 plus

Samsung next-generation Note 10 plus and note 10 both phones are sensational any many ways they’re have next-generation RAM they have next-generation UFS storage they have a beautiful S Pen with extended functionalities they have a large 6.7 inches screen display with bigger 4500 mah battery.

Note 10 plusexiting S-PEN can be used as Air Mouse with Samsung Dex, Note 10 plus charges remarkably faster with 45-watt charger. Note 10 comes with black, white, silver, red and pink, with extra gradient option. The punch hole is little and place right at the upper middle of the screen. It has one the largest 6.7 inches of display, camera modules have a 12mp sensor with ultra wide, telephoto and time of light.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to enable the multi-window mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and how to take full advantage of this feature.

How to activate Split Screen in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10

How to Activate MultiScreen/Split Screen in Settings:

  • Open Setting of Note 10
  • In Device, the option goes to Multi-Window feature.
  • Toggle the Switch to On Position

Once Split Screen Enable, Tap on Half Circle option, to split the screen Select whatever app you want to use in both windows. Adjust the screen for your convenience.

How to Open Up Multi Window Directly:

In case you already open the application which you want to use in Split Screen it is possible to do using Recent tab.

  • Open Recent Application using Recent Button to the left of Home Button
  • Now all applications recently in use or opened will be shown with a circle of App Icon on top
  • Hold down the icon
  • Then tap on Open in Split Screen

Selected app gonna be open at the top window and in below window you can select another application.

How to close multi-window mode in Galaxy Note 10:

Whenever you are done using split screen you want to close it down so that you can run one app only. Deactivating Split Screen is a simple task.

  • Tap on Home Button
  • A circle appears with a cross
  • Tap on the cross to close the multi-window

App opened in the First window will cover the whole screen

You can also deactivate split screen by, pushing down horizontal bar which is in middle of split screen.

How to Enable App Pairing:

Doing the whole procedure to open two apps in split screen could be a pain for regular users. App Pairing feature gives a user the ability to make a pair of two application that should be loaded together with just a single tap.

  • Swipe left from edge panel
  • Tap on the + button
  • Now hit Create app pair
  • Select two apps which you want to make a pair of
  • Tap on Done

Once app pair completed you can again swipe edge panel from left and open the app pair you previously made.

There are many other ways to do things directly and indirectly if you know any other way or cannot understand the above ways must comment below.

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