How to Hide Navigation Bar in Samsung Note 10 Plus

The navigation bar area is one the most tapped place in whole touch screen it is very convenient and the user is kind of addicted to it, no one wants to remove it unless there are another functionality available works same as the navigation bar. Samsung Note 10 plus navigation bar not only provide Home or back button but it is a shortcut for many other things you can lock the app, open a pop-up app, enable the split screen see the recent applications and much more.

There is no way that you don’t need this navigation bar instead of it you can use gesture which is not consider as convenient in Android, the other option is to give them a clean look. Instead of Icons, only three dots look more sleek and hidden.

How to Hide Navigation Bar in my Samsung Note 10 plus:

  • Slide down the Navigation Slider
  • Go to Settings
  • Then Tap on Display
  • Find Navigation Bar
  • At the start of menu hit Show or Hide and toggle it on

Hide in Android Pie:

  • First, need to go to Settings
  • The tap on Display Settings
  • Navigation Bar
  • Click on Full Screen Gestures, on bottom disable Gestures Hints
  • The buttons go away but you need to use gestures. Instead of a little dot

The navigation bar now disables open any app to see if it still on screen or not. Instead, you see a dot which replaces the navigation whenever you tap on it, it popup all three options recent, home and back.

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