How To Get The Galaxy Skin In FORTNITE with Note 10

galaxy skin for note 10

In this Galaxy Note 10 How to Guide we will be talking about how you’re able to unlock the galaxy skin on fortnight from your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and other Galaxy devices now as of right now you are able to unlock the galaxy skin on two different devices which is the tab s4 as well as the galaxy note 9

Unlocking the Galaxy skin is actually super easy to do on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and other devices

How to Turn On Games Launcher in Note 10:

Now first off head over and download the game correctly which is inside of the game launcher now if you don’t have the game launcher where you’re able to see the icon of Fortnite.

  • Pull down the notifications panel this is where you’re gonna click on the Settings icon.
  • Go inside of the advanced features and then you go inside the games this is where you unlock the game launcher.

Now once the game launcher is unlocked you will see an icon that does say fortnite or you might even see a banner on the bottom of the phone that says Fortnite

How to Unlock Galaxy Skin in Fortnite:

Now once you have downloaded the game and you’ve logged in with your Epic Games account and then you go into three different matches now it does not matter if you win or if you lose the main thing is that you have to be eliminated from the game or you have to win the game so you can’t just go into the game and then quit and then go back into the lobby you actually have to be eliminated or win the game now once you are done with all three matches of playing the game what will happen is you could possibly get a notification stating that you have unlocked a package which is going to be the galaxy skin that could be within a couple hours or Samsung states that you’ll get it within 48 or 24 hours.galaxy skin for note 10

Steps in Short

  • Need to eliminated for three times in 3 matches
  • Need to win for three times in 3 matches
  • After that Notification will pop up
  • Enabling the galaxy skin for Fortnite


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