How to get Bus Traffic Information on Google Maps

Nearly 200 cities around the world are deploying these new updates, which deliver new information on public transport traffic.

Google Maps regularly offers new updates to make life easier for users and to enhance the convenience of the services the app delivers. The firm of Moutain View announced Thursday that it has launched the deployment of two new indicators that should prove very useful, especially if you are used to traveling by seeking public transport, for work or recreation.

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Real-time bus traffic tracking

How many times have you waited at the bus stop for a bus running behind schedule without receiving any information on the billboard, let alone on the light boards? If you’re used to going to the office, school or friends by bus, you know what it is and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new features introduced by Google Maps:

Depending on the city you live in, you will soon be able to find out directly on Maps when you set your trip and then choose your means of transport, if your next bus is late and caught in traffic jams, or if it arrives at your destination. hour, all in real time. As you can see from the screenshots of our cover image, above, we simulated a trip to the heart of Marseille, and the functionality already seems active in some cities.

In our example, the application indicates ” normal traffic”, we book travel time and waiting time before seeing tumble the next bus, then the next if we spend too much time at the bakery. Until now, the application only provided an indication of average time.

Maps will tell you if your bus is crowded

Another indicator of how convenient should soon appear on Google Maps. This is the Transit Crowdedness. You probably do not appreciate – moreover in the heat of the day – to climb a crowded bus in which you will suffocate. However, the service will very soon predict if the next bus, bus or metro on which you will board is full or not.

The users of line 13 of the Paris metro (fifth most popular public transit line in the world according to Google) will be delighted.

These two new features are being rolled out in 200 cities around the world on Android and iOS .

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