How to Fix Samsung S10 Won’t turning on Problem

If you stuck with blank screen on Galaxy S10 and didn’t know to turn how to turn back on, the first thing you can do to find troubleshooting guide, this can pave a way towards the specific problem that causing Galaxy S10 won’t turn on. Some of the main reasons are serious Hardware damage water damage or Broken screen. If the phone is on warranty then just visit Samsung Customer Care and handover phone to them if the problem is hardware driven, they give you a new unit or sometimes they just fix that problem and handover S10 to you.

Before we go further let’s talk about some details and features about Samsung Galaxy S10.

One of the most anticipated phones of 2019 so far from Samsung and that turns out its actually three phones there is the Samsung Galaxy S10 the galaxy S10 plus and the galaxy S10E so three new phones each of them familiar in many ways but each of them also have their differences.

There are three main improvements and then a lot of small ones but the main ones are the in display fingerprint sensor and the cameras so the new display it’s simple, it’s got a 6.1-inch display for the S10 at a 6.4-inch display in the S10 plus and they continue the tradition of Samsung having literally the best displays in any phone for a couple of years running now and it continues to get even better so you have a 90 plus percent screen to body ratio now and it’s still a super-high resolution with a 19 by 9 tall aspect ratio but it’s now also HDR 10 plus certified and they’ve changed the name a little bit they’re calling it a next-level infinity display but still it goes right up to the very edges. Camera cutout in the top right corner like it is a laser-cut hole in the AMOLED panel to precisely cut this hole for just the camera to come through.

What to do if Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t Start or Turn On Just Showing Blank Screen

The phone won’t start due to various reasons, keep in mind that you must first differentiate the problem if it is due to hardware or due to software(android). See if Galaxy S10 is booting up but not showing any screen then it is a hint of screen problem, or if you try to press power button much time but still, it won’t turn on then it might need charging or power to start again.

Common Issues if Phone Couldn’t Turn On:

No doubt Samsung made its flagship phone after testing each and every component thoroughly made there are other suppliers to Samsung who might send faulty hardware such as batteries. Some reason that could define the problem in your Galaxy S10 are:

  • Not Fully Charged or Completely Discharged Battery
  • Bad Battery Cells
  • hardware corrupted due to accident shock, water damage, heavy impact
  • charging functionality problem e.g bad charging port, other issues

I don’t think anyone tries to first open his device to see the problem. Troubleshooting the device using the below solution might help you in finding the real problem.

Restart the Phone:

We normally restart the phone by pressing the power button and further continue to restart but as your phone is in turned off state and didn’t turn on, you can try Force reboot. Here how to do

Press and hold Power button for 10 to 20 Seconds, see if Samsung Logo appears or not if not try using below combination of keys.

  1. Press Volume down button first
  2. Keep holding Volume Down press and then press the power button
  3. When the Samsung logo appears to release the keys.

Check for Water Damage at Screen:

Moisture is enemy for Circuits, if it remains for a long time it seriously damages small components also it dust can stick to moisture and even damage more. Although Samsung is Water Resistant still water can enter from a tiny area. Moisture would build up around the screen and choke its circuit hence you might see some parts of the screen with red or blue lights.

Change Screen:

Crack Screen or just dropping phone can easily stop the screen from working, it just go black. User can’t understand and think it is not turning on. Sometimes glass remains intact after drop, the damage would not be seen with the naked eye. Replace the screen with New One in case of any of the above reason

Charging Port Problem:

After Putting USB wire to charge the phone you get a notification, in case if notification start or stop again and you need to adjust the wore to keep it on one place than it definitely a problem with Charging port or Charging Wire. Check for motion in USB-C port, slightest movement means that charging port soldering is gotten lose and it needs to be fixed.

Country Locked Phone:

Samsung Galaxy S10 is an International flagship device, many telecoms in some country register their SIMs with Samsung S10 and no other SIM can be used. Country-specific updates could also cause the phone to not get important updates. These problems occur especially for those who travel a lot.

Change Accessories:

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with high-quality Accessories. These accessories original made for Galaxy S10 according to its specification any damage or fault in these Accessories could cause the phone to not turn on properly especially if it is a Bad Charger.

Remove any third party accessories such as Screen Protector Glass as it tends to block essential sensors in front of the screen.

Try to buy a new genuine charger and charging wire, to check if it is working or not otherwise move forward.

Contact Smartphone Specialist:

Go into your local mobile phone repairing shop and ask them for professional advice. Those devices which are under warranty visit nearest Samsung Service Center ask them to fix the problem.

How to do Boot Up Samsung Galaxy S10 using Safe Mode and Recovery Mode:

After checking all other things and ensuring that it does not fault in Hardware but it is Soft issue. The phone remains on hanging state which points toward the possibility of bad application or a software bug.

How to boot Galaxy S10 in Safe Mode:

The safe mode in android actually disable user-installed applications and only allows applications that were installed at the time during factory configuration. Whenever the user turns on a smartphone in Safe mode and it successfully boots up without any error its means a bug containing application is causing the problem after removing that contaminated application, starts the phone normally Hope it fixes the issue.

Method to Start Safe Mode:

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Hold down the Power key until Samsung Galaxy s10 logo appears
  3. Release the Power key and hold down the volume down key
  4. Keep Holding Volume Down Key Until S10 restart in Safe mode
  5. A text of Safe Mode appears at the bottom left corner of the screen.

How to Boot Galaxy S10 in Recovery:

Most of you might hear about recovery mode, this mode is used for different purposes such as development, installing custom builds, reset, cache clearing, etc. The environment is separate from the main GUI and has several limitations. Here we see how to boot into recovery mode and reset the phone to Factory Configuration

Factory Reset Using Recovery Mode:

  1. Make sure the phone is charged and in Off state
  2. Press and Hold Volume Key(UP), Bixby Button and Power Key
  3. Keep holding Wait for to Android Recovery Logo(blue) to appear.
  4. Release the Key when Recovery Mode is Finally Starts
  5. After that Use Volume key to Up and Down, power key for selection
  6. Select Wipe data and factory Reset
  7. At last select yes, Phone will restart in Factory Configuration

All of the above troubleshooting methods may help you in some way, you might find a real problem or just fix it just by factory resetting. There are some issues such as software or hardware which require professional handling. Software(Android) with permanent bugs required to be changed or rooting the device always seek an experienced person for the job.


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