How to Fix Google pixel won’t turn on Troubleshooting Pixel

One of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of the entire year well known Google Pixel is packed with specs which were specific only to Google the entire front of the pixel smartphone is covered with Gorilla Glass for making it very resistant to scratches  drops and  just general wear and tear it’s fairly comfortable to grip and it feels premium but it wouldn’t have as much character or design Flair as S7 Edge  and with an 8.5-millimeter thickness its a little bit on the chunky side it’s heavier than expected and the edges aren’t quite curved enough for it to fit perfectly on hand

Even though it only has a 5-inch display which is considered probably slightly on the small side  considering today’s flagships it actually has a poor screen to body ratio of 69% which means that even when you’re holding it with one hand it’s still tough to reach the top corner when the phone was announced a lot of people complained that it looked a little bit too much like a toy. Well, these are some of the highlights of Google Pixel you can see Full Spec sheet of Google pixel here.

Every smartphone made today constantly being checked to fix bugs but by the time these minor issues become difficult to fix, the pixel is an electronic device usually run simultaneously by hardware and Software(Android) in most of the cases when the phone won’t turn on and just show black screen it points towards Hardware, but who knows the true or false, User must first run the troubleshooting guide for finding the exact reason behind the problem.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1.First of all Check for Soft Crash

By soft issue means related to Android or Firmware, in Old times when computers are slow and GUI software were newly developed they always tend to crash and we need to pull off the power and restart all the way up again. These type of problems still exists often a common cause of these failures and frozen screens. To make sure that it is a problem related to the software or  Hardware you need to force restart the phone.

As there is no mechanism in Google pixel to remove the cover and pull out the battery to force restart, you need to follow this method. Just press the power button for Ten Seconds and keep eye on the screen. If it restarts with no black screen and without froze up than hurdle is clear. If screen gives warning about battery plug the phone to charge. Otherwise, it is a problem related to physical damage or water damage.

2. Take off third Party Material from Phone

Sometimes a manufacturer produces accessories just for that phone which usually called OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) using third-party chargers, headphones, wireless chargers, screen protectors, covers could possibly damage the phone. for example, using high amps rated chargers, or short wires can freeze the phone. Remove any kind of protectors from the screen because chances are screen protector could block the sensors that are necessary for the phone to work properly. Also, remove cover especially hard ones as they halt the phone mechanism of cooling itself and blocks the heat dissipation.

After doing all of the above steps again press powers button for 10 seconds to see if the pixel turn ON properly or not.

3. Connect Phone to Charger

Low battery is one of the leading cause of Phone won’t turn on issue, simply because the phone doesn’t have enough battery. In this step, we make sure that the phone charger is properly charging the phone.

Check for Faulty Charger, Connector or Port

Connect the charger to the power socket and another end to charging port. Also, try to use a new charger with new wire, cutting any possibility of a faulty charger or USB wire. Gently move the charging connector and see if there is any movement in the charging port of Google pixel if so then it is definitely a problem of the faulty charging port. There is another chance if the battery completely drained off.

4. Boot Google Pixel in Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, you can troubleshoot your Google Pixel phone to find out whether an app is causing issues or if your phone has an internal problem. Safe mode is something that’s available on all Android phones so this is a way that you can actually turn off all third-party applications so that it will only run the default applications. Allow you to remove a third-party app that is causing an issue or if it’s something internally wrong with your phone

Enable safe mode

  1. Press and Hold Power off Button
  2. Now Select Power off Option and hold for a second
  3. Phone ask you to reboot in Safe Mode Press Ok
  4. After that, the phone will restart in Safe mode
  5. Now check for an issue such as if the camera is not working or any app causing problem

To get out from Safe mode simple Press power button and hit restart the phone turns on normally.

Second Method to Enable Safe Mode:

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press Power button and release when Google logo appears
  3. During Google Logo press and hold volume down button
  4. Hold it Until you see Safe Mode on the lower left side of the screen. This will take 30 seconds.

5. Turn on Recovery Mode on Google Pixel

By name, it means to recover your phone to its original state when you buy it box pack. Most of the time it is called a Factory Reset, the only thing everyone must take care before doing a factory reset using recovery mode is to store and make a backup of their important phone data.

  1. The phone must be turned off
  2. Press and Hold Volume Down and Power button simultaneously.
  3. Hold Until you see this type of interface
  4. Press volume down button until you see Recovery Mode
  5. Use the Power Button to Select Recovery Mode.
  6. Now you see a splash screen with android logo and No Command
  7. simultaneously Press power and Volume Up button to bypass splash screen

How to Wipe Data and Reset Phone Configuration

  1. Highlight Wipe Data and Factory Reset using Volume Down key
  2. Select using the Power button
  3. Bring down to Yes Delete all User Data using Volume Down key
  4. The phone starts to Factory reset
  5. Once completed use select and reboot the Pixel


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