How to Disable Bixby in Samsung Phones

Bixby voices a lot smarter than your standard voice assistant and it supports lot more cool features but for any reason, if you want to Disable Bixby Button than yes there is a way to do that but first we will see some little details about Bixby and what it can do.

Bixby is a lot smarter and more capable than your standard voice command service surely it can connect to a server and respond things from the server but it’s also capable of understanding what’s on your screen meaning it helps you control commands from the simplest of things to very complex strings of commands where you can actually combine more than one application to do one or more things at a time

There are two ways to call on Vic’s fee you can either say hi Bixby even when the phone is on standby and if the phone is locked it’ll prompt you for the voice password that only you and Bixby understand. The other option is for you  to press and hold the Bixby key either  on your Galaxy s8 or Galaxy Note 8 and  this is genius because pressing and  holding is like using a two-way radio  Bixby will only listen as you’re  pressing the button and will respond  whenever you let go

You can aspects be the usual tasks like for the weather or flight information etc or specific tasks like for example setting your alarm tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. you can also have it to set appointments for a specific time and date and with a specific name.

There are cases where you just don’t  want to fumble with various steps to  operate your phone like for example  asking it to turn on your flashlight,  turn on your mobile hotspot for example  leave the screen on for 10 minutes  whenever you want to watch a movie if  your hands are busy  you can ask Bixby to also control your  screen like have it scrolled down on a  webpage or take a screenshot.

Where  Bixby gets really cool is when you ask  it to perform specific tasks between  applications all at the same time like  for example send your latest photo to  your son through a messaging application  and notice how it automates it opens the  gallery finds the photo enables sharing  features opens messaging searches for my  son within my contacts shares the photo  all in a second this is really cool. There are lot more things you can do odd with bixby, whatever as now you decided to disable Bixby and its button lets see how to do this.

How to Disable Bixby in Samsung S8/S8 Plus

There are two scenarios

First Disabling Bixby only on Home Screen so that when you swipe left it will not show up

Keep in mind this will only disable your access to Bixby on the home screen but when you press Bixby Button it will still show up

  • To disable it only at home screen just Long press Home Screen or Pinch Zoom>> Swipe Left >> Disable 

The second Scenario is when you also want to Disable Bixby Button

  • To do this first Go to Bixby and Tap on the menu icon on the top right side
  • Go to Settings 
  • Scroll Down a Little bit
  • Tap on Bixby Key
  • From the two Option Select Second One which says Don’t Open Anything

Another Way to Directly Disable Bixby is by Pressing settings, this works on Later Bixby Updates

Tap on Settings Icon and Disable Bixby Key

How to Diable Bixby Voice Only:

  • Go to this icon
  • Than tap on Settings 
  • Diable Bixby Voice

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