How to delete Autosuggest in Google chrome

The Google Chrome browser on Android has a feature that allows you to suggest search terms or websites as you type. Unfortunately, this feature sometimes proves capricious and can even in some cases affect your privacy. Here are some tips to help you delete some search suggestions.

Delete a specific URL suggestion in Google Chrome

The vast majority of Android smartphone owners hate to enter text on the virtual keyboard of their device. Despite the progress made in recent years, most users feel more comfortable with a physical keyboard. Indeed the simple fact of typing a web address or a query in the bar of Google Chrome can quickly become very complicated.

To simplify navigation, the Chrome browser offers an automatic system of suggestions to display search terms, applications, information (weather, stock market) and web addresses to prevent you from entering everything. This technology is based on your browsing habits but also your favorites and the words regularly typed.

Take a test by entering the first letters of the evantechbook site in the Chrome address bar. If you’re one of our most loyal readers the Google Chrome browser will suggest the web address of this site ( as you type. Note that the suggestion tool works quite similarly on a computer.

Today most Chrome users are so used to this autocomplete system that they would be hard pressed to do without it. It must be said that this technology represents a considerable gain of time especially on a smartphone.

Unfortunately, sometimes the system offers inappropriate or misspelled terms or websites or no longer uses them. This hurts browsing comfort, not to mention the frustration felt when Chrome suggests a phrase or keyword that does not match your search.

In these cases, the first thing to do is to suppress undesirable prediction. Rest assured, the operation presents no difficulty.

Method to Delete a specific URL suggestion

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser Android
  2. Type in the address bar the first letters that prompted the automatic suggestion
  3. Leave your finger pressed on the suggestion
  4. A pop-up window will appear on your phone screen and offer to delete the prediction
  5. Hit OK
  6. Feel free to clean up and delete misspelled URLs or websites you would never return to. Unwanted autocomplete suggestions are detrimental to your convenience.

Clean all the suggestions stored on your smartphone

There is another more radical solution to removing all the predictions stored in your phone’s memory. I do not recommend it. This may slow down your Internet browsing.

  1. Launch the Google Chrome app
  2. Press the Menu(Three Dots) button
  3. Select the Settings option then go to Privacy
  4. Click on the option Clear browsing data
  5. Check the navigation history box
  6. Then finish by pressing the Clear Data button

This method will erase the complete list of suggestions in the address bar as well as the complete history of websites visited. It will, therefore, be necessary to use it with precaution. Note that all the tips shown above work on all smartphones with Google browser.

Clean search suggestions on a computer

What is true on mobile is also true on a computer. When performing a search it is not uncommon to see an incorrect prediction appear in the list of suggestions in the address bar. Not to mention the websites visited late at night when everyone sleeps and we would prefer not to appear in suggestion.

Whether you are on Windows, Mac or even Linux, it is possible to delete annoying addresses. Importantly, the procedure varies depending on the type of operating system used. In this example, we will use a Windows PC.

  • Type the first letters to bring up the suggestion to delete.
  • A “Remove” text will appear against each term.
  • Simultaneously remove the suggestion which you don’t Like.

Disable AutoComplete

Chrome’s suggestions can help you refine your search engine queries. The prediction service is usually enabled by default on the browser. However, nothing prevents you from disabling it.

  1. Start Google Chrome on your computer
  2. Click on the menu button (three parallel lines)
  3. Select the Settings option
  4. Scroll down the window
  5. Click on Show advanced settings
  6. Search the list for Privacy and Security
  7. Clear the Use prediction service checkbox to complete searches and URLs entered in the address bar

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