How to Connect Galaxy Note 9 to TV

With new updated hardware Note 9 would easily connect to TV, Monitor, Smart TV, Projector via Miracast Smart view or MHL(HDMI Cable). Note 9 supports Mobile high definition Connection as well as USB Type C which provides faster data transfer and High-quality Screen Mirroring. There are several ways through which Note 9 can connect to TV, mostly two types are common wireless or using any sort of MHL supported adaptor.

Connect using USB-C to HDMI Adaptor:

Samsung officially builds MHL supported adaptors which easily allows us to make the connection between Note 8 and TV. The adaptor can be purchased online than connect HDMI connector to Television and USB-C to Note 9. You might also require standard USB-C Cable to make a connection with Samsung HDMI adaptor. You can enjoy any kind of stuff on Big screen just play it on Note 9 and see the mirror on TV.

Connecting with HDMI adaptor also supports third-party adaptors so if you didn’t find Samsung official adaptor or due to tight budget just get a Good USB-C to HDM MHL enabled cable.

Miracast Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Today’s LED TVs powered by Smart Chips and Android, they can easily connect to any device via Wifi or Bluetooth. To make the connection between Samsung Note 9 and Smart TV a special feature called Miracast is built in Smart Tv.  Keep notice that this mode will not support higher resolution screen quality, also it will not play 4k videos seamlessly.

Samsung Note 9 has an option called Smart View within Notification settings.  Make sure TV is on ON Stage,  Swipe Down Notification Menu, Swipe Left than tap on Smart View. Now you will see an ID of Smart TV tap on it. Now note 9 display will start to mirror without involving any cable connection.

Connect using Samsung DeX:


Samsung to compete with android emulator technology actually make a way to transform Samsung Galaxy phone into DeX operating System which is same as Android Emulator for PC or MAC. Samsung DeX is Docking Station for Samsung Phone which allows users to run android on TV or Monitor, the special thing about DeX is That you can also attach Keyboard and Mouse with it.

First Connect DeX with TV or Monitor using HDMI to HDMI cable, Once Connected out Samsung Note 9 on Docking Station, Instantly on phone it asks to Start Samsung DeX or Just Mirror phone Screen, Select the Second option to Mirror Note 9 Screen to TV

Connect Via ChromeCast

Like it says Chrome, a device from Google to stream 4k Ultra HD content to TV. Chromcast is really handy as it requires only HDMI connection with TV, due to Google it supports a lot of Third party applications. To Stream content, it requires a Cast-Enabled Application installed on Computer, Android, iPhone or Ipad. It can mirror anything from phone to TV.

To mirror Galaxy note  9 to TV via chrome Cast, Connect Chromecast to TV monitor, Install ChromeCast Application on Android, Open App and Go to Menu, Select Cast Screen and it will automatically catch up the device.

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