How to capture ScreenShoot on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch

As Apple updates its operating systems, the mode, and options available to make screenshots changes slightly. I have decided to concentrate all those ways of making screenshots in this guide to simplify the explanations to the maximum and make them very easy.

Let’s summarize all the methods for all apple devices

In the Apple Watch, just press the two side buttons of the watch. The screenshot will be saved on the iPhone’s photo reel. It’s that simple

On iPhone and iPad , you must press the lock button and volume up button. If your phone still has a Home button, then you have to press that button with the lock button at the same time. In iOS 12 the thumbnail of the screenshot created immediately, and optionally you can touch it to apply some editings before saving it in the storage. If you do not do anything, the thumbnail will hide and the capture will be saved automatically.

On Mac, using macOS Mojave, you have several ways to do this capture.

If you want an interface that is similar to iOS 12, you can press the CMD + SHIFT + 5 keys. From there you can take a screenshot ( or video ) and apply some editings.
By pressing CMD + SHIFT + 4 you can make a capture of only one area of ​​the screen directly. The capture will be saved on the desktop in PNG format, but not before appearing in a thumbnail like in iOS if you want to edit it in some way.
Pressing CMD + SHIFT 3 will capture the entire screen. You can edit it later from the thumbnail.

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