How to block Someone Phone number in Android

Many users are wondering if there is an app for blocking incoming calls on Android. Whatever your reasons, we are here to explain how to block those calls that bother you on your Android phone, be it the brand of your device (Samsung, LG, etc.) or the operating system.

How to block a number on Android

It is very easy to block a number on Android, it is simply in the contacts application. This procedure must be followed:

1. Go to the contact card you want to block
2. Press the menu key of your Android or the three points, depending on your model.
3. Select the Forward calls to voicemail ” or ” Block number “check box, so whenever you receive a call from this number, it will automatically be directed to your mailbox.

As you can see, the problem is that callers can still fill your voicemail messaging. They are redirected to it no matter what. It’s related to your operator, not your Android.

How to block multiple numbers at once
To block multiple numbers on Android, there are several solutions.

If you want to block a number without having it in your contacts, simply create a contact named Blacklist or Blacklist depending on your level of Anglicism, add all the numbers you want to block. The type of number is not important, they simply need to be associated with this contact.

Then proceed as for a normal contact, all numbers included in this blacklist will be automatically sent back to your email. The advantage of this technique, you can imagine, is to be able to remove any mention of the unwanted contact in your list of contacts.

Block everything with an application

The other solution is simply to use a dedicated application. Some offer a fairly incredible number of options. Calls Blacklist – Blacklist is one of the applications of this kind: graphically simple and intuitive, it allows you to filter both calls and SMS according to contacts and time slots.

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