How to add a YouTube video on a PowerPoint slide

Microsoft Office is perhaps the most popular office suite used throughout the world, hence, most documents, spreadsheets and presentations that we receive daily, have been created through the Office tools, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations are perhaps the most used by students, users in general and in the field of work, since they allow us to show information in a more relaxed and graphic way. Next, we’re going to show you how to add a YouTube video in PowerPoint.

The videos are one of the most used means on the Internet to show all kinds of information, which is why they are used more and more on websites, but also as a reference in many documents and presentations. Taking into account that YouTube is the most requested video platform to find content of all kinds, surely many users are faced with the need to insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint. Next, we will show the steps to follow.

Steps to follow to add a YouTube video in PowerPoint

The first thing we have to do is open the Office tool and create or open the presentation in which we want to add the video. Once this is done, we go to the exact place where we want to insert the video and click to place the cursor. Next, we select the Insert option from the main PowerPoint menu and look for the Video option in the Multimedia section .

When you click on the tab that is displayed just below the Video option, two sub-options will appear, Video online and Video on my PC . On this occasion, the option that interests us is the first one, Online Video, therefore, we click on it. This will open a small window in which we will be asked to write the URL of the online video, therefore, the next thing is to go to YouTube, find the video that we want to add and copy the URL or link to it.

Now, we paste the URL in the PowerPoint window and click on Insert . Automatically we will see how to appear in our presentation a control selected with the video so that we can resize it to the size that we want and place it in the exact place where we want it to appear in the presentation. Once this is done, once we reproduce the presentation, it will be enough to click on the video to reproduce it within the presentation itself.

If we want to add a YouTube video in PowerPoint but we do not want to depend on having an Internet connection to play it, then we must download it beforehand. That is to say, the first thing that we are going to have to do is download the YouTube video that we want to add to our presentation, and once we have it saved in our team, we add it to PowerPoint.

First, we open the presentation in which we want to add it, we go to the exact place where we want the video to be displayed and then, from the menu option Insert> Multimedia> Video , we select the option Video on my PC . Now we only have to select the video of the route where we have it saved and we will automatically see how it is added to our presentation.

As before, all we have to do is put it where we want and in the size we want. In this way, we have added a YouTube video in PowerPoint but we will not have the need to have an Internet connection to be able to reproduce it from the presentation itself. Of course, we must keep the video in the corresponding route to avoid having problems when playing it.

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