How to Activate “Hot Corners” in Linux Mint

A screen has four corners. And why shouldn’t you use it to trigger some kind of activity? A kind of virtual corner kicks in a result. Trigger actions with hot corners that you set up for yourself.

If you are a master with the mouse, then you might see something in the Hot corners that Linux Mint has to offer. After switching this on (by default they are off) you move your mouse to one of the angular points that have been set, after which a user-definable action is performed. To configure the corner points, click Hot corners on the Start menu under Preferences. In the window that opens you can now indicate which corner you want to make active. An active angle that is switched on means that when you place your mouse on it, an action is taken. These actions could include three predefined ones: Show All worksheets, Show All Windows and Show Desktop. In addition, there is the option to Perform an assignment. The latter is only interesting if, for example, you want to have some script or tool executed. You have to be careful because that command is always executed when you move your mouse over the corresponding screen angle. This is especially annoying if a linked program or something similar is accidentally started every time you are working on something completely different. To use hot corners in a practical way, we recommend that you – only in the beginning – switch on one. And to attach an action such as Show Desktop to it. That function always comes in handy, with a lot of open programs and such.

How to set Delay Time for Hot Corner Execution:

For example, suppose you want to set the top right corner in Linux Mint so that as soon as you hold your mouse there, the desktop is displayed. First turn on any and choose the option Show desktop from the selection menu. It is not a bad idea to immediately set a delay time. This prevents that if you occasionally move your mouse in the corner during work, the desktop appears again and again. For example, if you set a value of 500 after Action Delay (ms) , it takes half a second before the action is executed. For the rest, it is a matter of trying out whether you like this feature of Linux Mint. It meant nothing if it is switched off by default: the chance of accidentally triggering something – even with the delay switched on – is of course quite high. And then this trick only leads to irritation. If that is the case with you, the solution is simple: just switch off all hot corners and you’re done.

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