Here is the way to block Ads on YouTube

Whether you want to laugh with some cat movies before bedtime, or listen to full music albums at work: you can use YouTube any time of the day. Unfortunately, you also have to watch (or listen to) advertisements at any time of the day. That’s how you get rid of it.

Ads on YouTube are very annoying. Not in the first place because you are more or less forced to look for at least five seconds for something that you do not choose yourself, but mainly because YouTube seems to make a sport of constantly showing the same ads. If you often search for travel, you will receive a standard advertisement from a travel agency for adventure travel. And then there is also YouTube Premium, with its own TV series, which are constantly showing up as advertisements.

YouTube Premium

It makes sense for YouTube to use advertisers to raise money. And at the same time it makes sense that there is a lot of advertising for YouTube Premium . Not only because it is a product from YouTube itself, but precisely because it serves to get rid of those advertisements. For 11.99 euros per month you can watch ad-free videos (and more: for example, you can have videos play in the background and watch the YouTube Original series and films).

However, you do have another subscription with it and, moreover, no cheap ones. There are therefore other ways to get rid of the ads. This way you can choose to use an adblocker. However, you are bound to your browser, since most adblockers are browser extensions.


If you want to install an ad blocker, you can do that, for example, by searching the Chrome browser for extensions. There are a lot of adblockers available and you can see how many people have reviewed them, so you can choose which one you prefer. Among others, Adblock Plus is a well-known person, who moreover recently won a lawsuit in Germany that was brought by several publications that wanted it banned. Also uBlock Origin is very popular.

You can also block ads at the network level. You can set up a so-called PiHole for this . With this method you will not see YouTube ads, regardless of which device you use and whether you are viewing in the browser or in the YouTube app. Provided the device is connected to your own network.

Fight against Adblockers

However, YouTube would like to sell the subscriptions on its Premium service, so it does everything to keep showing ads to anyone who does not have a subscription. So it is possible that adblockers do not win the battle from YouTube. An adblocker that we have tested, Adblock for YouTube, certainly works like a charm and also indicates that it is successfully blocking advertisements.

Furthermore, there are few ways to ensure that no ads are visible on YouTube. After all, the platform wants to earn as much money as possible, both from people who see advertisements and people who don’t want to see them, but via their own subscription service.

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