Google Nest Hub: what can you do with it?

Are you in the market for a Google Nest Hub, but you still have doubts about it because you don’t know exactly what you can do with such a smart screen? No problem, in this article we look at all the options that are now available when you bring the device into your home.

We understand that you might still have doubts about the smart display such as the Google Nest Hub. Basically, the device is a luxury that you actually do not need, but that can make some things at home easier. For example you can say to the screen: “Hey Google, good morning”. You will then receive a friendly greeting, including an overview of the day, based on the items in your agenda. You will also immediately hear the weather forecast, see if there are any traffic jams on the way to work (unless of course you work at home) and present the overview of recent news. And all with one command.

What You can do with Google Nest Hub

But that is not everything. If you ask the Nest Hub, for example in the store or at someone’s home, what they can do (even more), you will get a nice overview. In addition to the above things, you can also manually request updates on weather, traffic and news. You can also set timers and alarm clocks (useful for cooking for example, or when you have to leave at a certain time) and play both videos and music. Do you have Google Cast devices at home? That’s great, since the Nest Hub can be integrated into a Cast network. And those videos, which can sometimes be useful in the kitchen, for example for making a specific dish.

It is also possible to manage and display your photos (as a screen saver or digital photo frame), you can convert units (such as weights or currencies) and translate words and sentences from another language. You can also request information about financial markets or food and drink (such as nutritional values) and it is of course possible to manage your smart home. You can control your lamps and thermostat, but also for example your smart fan, soundbar or fan. You can actually control everything that the Google Assistant is present on.

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