Google Maps not working? Here are the solutions!

Google Maps is extremely useful, even essential for the vast majority of Android users. Unfortunately, the application does not always work as one would like: small bugs or other annoyances occur from time to time. Here you will find solutions to problems.

The Google Maps app does not open

This can happen, mainly as a result of an update. The procedure is the same as with all the problematic applications: enter the settings, Applications category, and select Google Maps. You can stop it and restart it, if the problem persists enter Storage to clear the cache.

If the application still does not launch, return to an older version. To do this, stay in Settings > Applications > Maps, and select Uninstall Updates. On recent Android versions, you will find this option by tapping on the 3 points at the top right.

Google Maps not showing Correct Location

This is a fairly common problem, especially on some entry-level smartphones or Chinese smartphones. Two hypotheses are possible: either the quality of the GPS sensor is bad, so picks up bad, or the problem is software is can be solved. In both cases, using Google Maps is difficult, if not impossible.

Let’s start by checking if the GPS location is activated, you will see this very quickly in the quick access bar. Then, check that Google Maps is allowed to access the GPS. The procedure to perform depends on your Android version, in recent versions, you must go to the application settings and look for the category “Permissions” (or Permissions). On older models, go to Settings > Accounts & Synchronization> Account Name> Location Settings . Activate Google Maps if it is not already.

Also, remember to check the location mode that is used: is its high accuracy (using GPS, WiFi, and mobile data) or approximate location (WiFi and mobile networks)?

Google Maps do not load

Again, start by checking if you are connected to the Internet. Without connection, the cards obviously can not charge. No problem with the Internet? Maybe it comes from an update you made recently.

In any case, the solution is simple just empty the cache of the application. Just go to Settings> Apps> Maps> Clear cache .

Addresses and favorites have disappeared from Google Maps

This problem of the Google Maps app is very easy to adjust. After some updates or if you’ve never launched Google Maps, you may need to sign in to your Google Account manually. To do this, pull the drop-down menu from the left side of the screen and select Connect , at the very top.

Then choose the account with which you want to connect. To disconnect or change accounts, this is done in Settings > Sign out of Maps , at the bottom.

Google Maps is draining my battery

You most likely know the problem, your battery is draining at high speed when using Google Maps. While the GPS is very resource hungry, whatever happens, but there are tips to limit the use of the battery of Maps. You will find everything you need to know by following the link below to our dedicated article.

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