Google App: How to enable the automatic deletion of Web and Location data

Google finally offers a way to delete its web and location data automatically after a specific period. No more need to do it yourself, one manipulation and everything will be automated. Here’s how.

In early May, Google announced a way to automate the removal of its web and localization data that the Mountain View firm would have harvested from you. It promises to protect your privacy a little better.

This feature is finally available, here’s how to activate it from your computer or your Android or iOS smartphone.

From your smartphone

On your Android smartphone, go to Phone Settings and then to the Google tab (or the Google app in iOS). Then open your “Google Account” menu.

Select “Data and Personalization” and then in “Web Activity and Applications” click on “Manage History”.

Then, simply click on “Choose to delete automatically”, select one of two possibilities, 3 or 18 months, then confirm. Thus, if you opt for “3 months” for example, Google will delete all the data it has stored on you except those dating from less than 3 months ago.

Then, as the days go by, your Google Account will continue to automatically wipe out data from three months ago.

From your computer

On the computer, the manipulation could not be easier but we provided a direct link, to manage the history, choose to delete automatically”. Choose your period, confirm, and you’re done.

A feature that was expected by many and that will finally allow managing a little more easily the use of these data by Google. Do not hesitate to take a look at the other activity parameters of your Google account to realize how much you are not so secretive for the Mountain View company.

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