Fix Error Code 0x800705b4 of Windows 10 Updates

Welcome to another fix it Guides from EVAN. In this Fix, we’re gonna be looking at fixing the Windows Update 0x800705b4  as you can see the error when you try to update Windows 10 you will get that error message popping up on your screen so let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to try and rectify this issue. The error usually caused by some blockage which is preventing Windows 10 Update Installation.

Solution #1:

  • Go to the search box  and type in here trouble or troubleshoot
  • Then click on troubleshoot this will open up a window where you’ll be able to go to Windows Update and run troubleshoot
  • This will run through some tests and try to fix any of your sort of issues that you’re having with the Windows Update it may take a bit of time so be patient
  • After through a bunch of tests and it will offer you to apply a fix and you can apply that fix and another one come up here to try and repair the Windows Update because it found that issue some sort of potential Windows Update database error  and it’s not been fixed so if yours is fixed at this stage then you should be ok.

Solution #2:

But if you’re still having issues then keep reading and I’ll show you some other things that you can draw to try to rectify the Windows Update the next thing to do is

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Windows Update
  • Then go to Advanced Options
  • Make sure you got the ticking give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows put the tick in box and hopefully that error message will go away

Solution #3:

  • If you’re still having issues after you’ve done this you can move on to the next method
  • Come down to the search at the bottom left
  • And type in here services and then click on the services
  • Once Services is open navigate to the background intelligent transfer service
  • Stop this process
  • And  temporarily is disable that process as well



  • Next After that go down to the Windows Update
  • Then stop that service as well 
  • Also disable that service as well  just like the other one okay
  • This might also fix your problem

Solution #4:

  • In this solution you need to delete several corrupted files.
  • Go to the C Drive and in the windows directory inside.
  • Inside windows folder you’re going to look for the software distribution folder.
  • This is where all your downloads for your updates are going to be going.
  • Now sometimes somewhere along the line it may have got corrupted and may be some files  causing an issue.
  • After going to the software distribution folder and delete all the content inside.


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