Find My SIM/Phone Number Samsung Galaxy S8

Forget your newly purchased SIM card number and don’t know how to see it if there is no any other option than Galaxy S8 is only one thing which can make your phone number visible to you. Don’t need to be hurry just calm and relax and must remember this method as it might not always helpful for us but someone else need it more. What happened if someone’s phone is lost and you find it and now want to know the number of the sim just for information. Well let’s see How to See the Phone number in Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Procedure is super simple and easy:

  • Go to settings either from the main menu or from the notification bar.
  • Scroll all the way to down until you see About Phone option.
  • Select About Phone
  • Here at the top, you will see My phone number.
  • Sometimes Phone number is not visible due to SIM company restriction, or country lock.

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