Disconnect Google Account from Google Home or Nest Hub

Do you want to sell your Google Home speaker or Nest Hub display or give it to someone else? Then don’t forget to delete your Google account from the devices to make sure that others don’t have access to your profile. You need the Google Home application for this.

You can disconnect your Google account from a Google Home or Nest Hub in two ways.

If you are in the same WiFi network as the speaker or display, you can select the device in the Google Home app and then tap on the gear shown on the right. Is it not there – for whatever reason – not? No problem. You can also select the speaker or display by tapping on the three dots icon (bottom right), going to your profile (top right) and then tapping Settings. Go to the Assistant tab and then scroll down. At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of devices on which your account is installed. Select the speaker or assistant from which you want to disconnect your profile.


Disconnect Google profile

No matter how you got there, you are now on the page where you can disconnect your Google profile from the device of your choice. These can also be other devices, such as smart speakers from other brands, for example. If you have selected the device, you will be taken to the page where you can delete all your data. You can do this at once by pressing the Remove Device button. Then the speaker or display is no longer in your list and you, or someone else, no longer have access to the device. But we can go one step further and also delete all kinds of collected data. That is always advisable when you decide not to use a device anymore.

On the same page we also find options such as Personal Results. When you enable it, the Google Assistant can display personal results by using your data (such as calendar items, contacts and more). If you turn this off, it is no longer possible. Then turn off the Notifications option completely, so that you no longer receive notifications about updates of all kinds of things. The most important thing is the Voice Match feature. With this option, the Google Assistant recognizes your voice, making displaying personal results even easier. Also delete all data here (all is possible with sliders) to make sure that no one can just view or listen to your agenda items when their voice resembles yours.


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