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Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently using gpedit


There are many ways through which you would be able to Disable windows updates permanently, we already told you some initial steps you can take to get rid of windows updates from the root, in today’s tweak we will use gpedit to disable windows update permanently. The method will only work on Windows Pro and Home editions.

Turn off Windows 10 Updates Permanently using gpedit

  • Type in search gpedit.msc and this is gonna give us the group policy editor.
  • Now you will need to have Windows 10 Pro and above Version to use the group policy editor.
  • Go to administrative templates >> windows components and then scroll down until you find Windows Update.
  • Click on windows update.
  • On the right-hand pane Click on configure automatic updates┬áit’s not configured
  • Disable it and click apply and click OK

There’s a bit for everyone here if you’ve got Windows 10 Pro or home you can still block your Windows updates by using some of these methods and you can see here in the list here it tells you what they are to notify before downloading and installing any updates free and so on for there are a few others some other bits and pieces but you can read for your own leisure.


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