Disable incognito mode in Chrome – that’s how it’s done

disable incognito window chrome

Incognito mode in Chrome is a very useful institution when it comes to surfing the net without saving tracks on the local machine. But how can you disable incognito mode in Chrome? Learn the answer in this article.

Disable incognito mode in Chrome – that’s how it’s done

Incognito mode is a useful feature in Google Chrome that lets you surf the Web without leaving any traces on your local machine. To use incognito mode in Google Chrome, you need to start a special incognito window. There are two options for this:

Start incognito mode in Google Chrome

On the one hand, you can start a new window in incognito mode by opening the settings, which you can find on the top right of the screen, and clicking on “New incognito window”.

Alternatively, you can also open a new incognito window in Chrome using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + N”.

disable incognito window chrome

Disable incognito mode in Google Chrome

If you want to disable incognito mode from Google Chrome , the first question is whether you want to disable the mode completely, so that no windows can be launched in the incognito mode, or whether you want to end the incognito mode again. If this is the case, it can be said that this is not possible because the incognito mode is an integral part of Google Chrome.

If you want to end incognito mode after starting it, you just have to close the open incognito window. Another conceivable case is that you want to view pages that you have opened in incognito mode in normal mode again. Unfortunately, in this case, you can not simply disable incognito mode in Google Chrome, but you need to re-open the pages in normal mode.

In the article Google Chrome: In Incognito mode start you know by the way, how you can set the Chrome browser so that it always starts in incognito mode.

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