Best pedometer apps to count your steps on Android

Walking is one of the best physical activities you can do. Here’s a selection of the best pedometer apps, commonly known as step counters, on Android to help you stay motivated and see your progress.

It seems that we do not walk enough each day to stay healthy. To develop a healthy body in a healthy mind (uh …), having a good pedometer on your smartphone can a great help. Here is our selection of the best apps to count your steps every day .

You can then try to reach the famous bar of 10,000 steps per day, even if this goal was set quite arbitrarily without any real medical base. The idea that you must remember is that by setting these kinds of levels, you will progress more effectively. This is exactly what you will be able to do with the pedometer applications listed in this guide.

Google Fit because it’s Google

Google Fit is an application that allows you to have a complete follow-up of all your physical activities. A complete step counter. So you can perfectly use this service as a pedometer.

Google Fit has the advantage of as it allows to install a plethora of applications features so only one is enough and, above all, it can also centralize the data collected on a large number of other platforms like Nike +, Runkeeper and Strava, but also on any Wear OS compatible watch.

Go on a ride, go jogging or cycling and record all your sports activity in Google

Reasons to download this application

Track your jogging and cycling training
Register your activity from your connected watch
Create personal goals

Pedometer – Pitch Counter & Calorie Counter: The Evidence

Yes, the name of this application is particularly long, but it has the merit of being clear as the water of rock. This pedometer has a very well thought interface. Set daily goal votes and watch the bubble on the dashboard gradually fill up as you walk. Once it’s full, you’ll reach your goal.

In addition to a very neat and pleasant to use design, Pedometer – Pitch Counter & Calorie Counter also displays by month, week or day on the number of steps taken, calories lost and hours spent walking as well as on the distances traveled. You can also use this app to track your weight or remind you to drink water regularly. Finally, the inevitable badges of rewards are in the game just like accounting with Google Fit.

An effective step counter must enjoy a beautiful interface. For Pedometer – Pitch Counter & Calorie Counter, it’s mission …

Reasons to download this application

A super interface with a neat design
Set your goals for each day
Enjoy accurate monitoring of your physical activity

Pedometer & Weight Loss: interesting features

In itself, a pedometer is only a tool that counts your steps. It is always more enriching to have some additional features to make your experience more interesting. Pedometer & Weight Loss gives you the opportunity to display your courses on a map and share your progress with community members. You can participate in competitions every month to motivate you.

The step counter also offers the opportunity to join several weeks of training programs to burn fat or gradually move from running to running. However, you will have to pay to take advantage of this function. Finally, we will also note here a very complete interface for a regular follow-up of your physical activity.

With Pedometer & Weight Loss, you will not only have access to an effective step counter and a follow-up of your physical activity, …

Reasons to download this application

Display your courses on a map
Motivate yourself through the community
Enter contests every month

The pedometer on your smartphone
Some smartphone brands offer their own health apps. Sometimes you have to download it, often it is installed by default. It should be noted that companies like Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi offer in their ecosystem, services to track your physical activity and, among other things, such as to count your steps.

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