Best internet browsers on Android: forget about Chrome

Chrome is the most popular web browser but it is not necessarily the best. There are many alternatives, from Firefox to Microsoft Edge via DuckDuckGo. Discover the best alternatives to Google Chrome in our selection.

Google Chrome: is it the best?

Google Chrome is pre-installed on most Android smartphones. It is therefore the most used browser and must be recognized several qualities: the user interface is optimized to display only the essentials, and you can access your tabs and your history from multiple devices if you’ve connected it to your Google Account. You can also find several convenient features, such as placing shortcuts on the Home screen to access them faster.

Chrome is compatible with a data compression system, which allows you to consume less data. The app also has a phishing protection system or other type of dangerous pages.

Google Chrome is a good browser, but is it the best? It all depends on your expectations. If you want to avoid Google, it’s obviously not a browser for you. Other browsers specialize in other features, as you will see below.

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla browser offers the features that we already know of Chrome: synchronization with his account to access certain elements (favorites, history etc), private mode, compatibility with modern technologies, plugins. Firefox uses its Gecko system to offer good results but is not always at the level of some competitors.

Many add-ons improve the potential of the device. They allow you to add features and / or integrate services from third-party companies, and for many users these add-ons can make the difference with most other browsers on the market. Another great strength of Mozilla Firefox comes from its independence from the Google world, which is important for many users.

The latest versions offer a more beautiful design.

Firefox Focus

With Firefox Focus, Mozilla offers a browser that uses the Chrome engine. Note that this is the only common point that exists between the two brands in this device. Unlike Google Chrome, Firefox Focus puts all the protection of private data: it displays websites without tracker anything, and deletes cookies as soon as you close the page. If it is configured as the main browser, it protects you from tracking when you click on links in Facebook or Twitter.

Since it is more “pure”, the loading times are very fast and the representation of the sites is at the level of Google Chrome. The table is not totally pink, there are no real bookmarks but predefined URLs for autocompletion. and the tabs are for the links of the other applications.

Firefox Focus is for those who want to navigate quickly while taking into account their privacy.

Samsung Internet Browser

This may surprise some but this browser deserves its place in this list. On Samsung smartphones, the browser is preinstalled on the phone, others must download it from the Play Store. It is possible to synchronize favorites through the Samsung account. You also have the option to activate advanced features, such as protection against tracking. The menu at the bottom left is practical, it allows you to zoom, among other things.

Another interesting feature: it is possible to scan QR codes directly from the browser. Despite all these features, the browser is fluid and displays pages very quickly


The Opera browser is a mix of excellent efficiency and perfect representation. Like most other browsers in this list, Opera uses Blink, Google’s rendering engine. If you wish, Opera can compress websites before they are loaded on your smartphone, but this can cause some problems in the representation.

The user interface is less minimalist than Chrome but is more enjoyable.

OrFox: Tor Browser for Android

What about a browser that uses the Tor network to anonymize your data? That’s exactly what OrFox does. This is the successor of the OrWeb browser that uses Google’s rendering engine, so it’s not 100% anonymity. OrFox uses (as its name indicates) the engine of Firefox: Gecko. You also need the OrBot application, it makes possible the connection with the Tor network. In practice, it’s impossible for them to know which sites you visited.

OrFox offers a secure connection as no other browser does. As for the interface, OrFox has the old design of Firefox.

Ecosia browser: a browser that is interested in the environment

Ecosia is a browser that looks closely at the environment: research done on Ecosia (which is also a search engine) contributes to the planting of trees. 80% of the revenues obtained on Ecosia are tied to this project, the goal being to plant one million new trees by 2020. We must recognize that our planet needs it, after all.

The Ecosia browser is based on Chromium so Chrome users should not be too distracted


The choice of a browser is a matter of preferences and taste. As often on Android, you do not miss any choice. Of course, we can not write about all browsers in this article, but it is important to know that there are many more. Among those that we liked, we can mention Habit Browser for its features and personalization settings, Opera Mini for data economy, or Puffin Web Browser for its practical and original design.

What do you think is the best Android browser? Share your points of view in the comments below!

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