Apple New Macbook Air 2018 Key Features

If you thought Apple was done with their hardware announcements this year you were wrong because Apple just updated three new product lines specifically with the MacBook Air(2018) the iPad pro and the Mac Mini so that’s what we’re gonna talk about we’re gonna go over the keynote skip over most of the BS and condense the hour-and-a-half presentation hopefully down to much less than that so let’s get started.

Retina Display

Just cut to the good stuff we can begin with the new MacBook Air it’s been a while since they had one of these and the first major update is that it now has a Retina display the last one did not have that so it’s a major improvement probably the biggest thing you would notice up front it is a 13.3 inch display and that has a resolution of 2560 by 1600.

Touch ID

Another thing that you added was touch ID right on the keyboard very nice so glad it is not facing ID it kind of gives us hope for the future may be for the iPhones perhaps they’ll bring it back if they can manage to get it under the screen.

T2 Chip

The touch ID uses a new t2 chip which supports a whole bunch of different features including hardware encryption of the solid-state hard drives and everything else from even hardware video encoding of HEV C which is h.265 for much faster video playback

Butterfly Key Board and Force Touchpad

Tt’s also getting a third generation updated butterfly style keyboard, lot of people do not like that keyboard so that might be a plus or minus depending on who you are.

It also has a force touchpad, not a clicky kind but it does feel like it’ll click. It is a solid-state presumably it’ll be less prone to breaking.


For audio they upgraded the speakers so apparently it’s 25% louder with two times the bass however you managed to measure that I don’t know but you take it with a grain of salt guess.

Thunderbolt 3

Another interesting thing is it does have two Thunderbolt 3 ports which allow you to output things like video displays or even an e GPU external GPU so if you needed some extra horsepower you could hook up something like an external GPU


As for the specs there not too bad you get an 8th gen Intel i5.

You also have up to 16 gigabytes of RAM although it only comes with 8 gigabytes standard and there’s also up to 1.5 terabytes of SSD storage although it only comes with 128 gigabytes standard and to upgrade it all the way it’s really expensive we can get to that in a.bit.


As usual Apple really doesn’t talk about battery capacity they just call it all-day battery life of course because that’s the most useless measurement on the planet so obviously Apple asked to use it though they do tell you it is fifteen point six millimeters thick and only 2.75 pounds which is actually a quarter of a pound less than previous


MacBook Air as for the price it’s not cheap obviously it’s 1199 although you could upgrade it to a whopping 2,600 if you get the upgraded RAM and storage so even though it’s not cheap when you put it in context alongside something like what they’re charging for the iPhones honestly it’s not that expensive what you’re getting although you might be able to get a lot more out of something like a MacBook pro for a similar price so this is definitely gonna for be for people who really need to be portable and prioritize that or anything

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