5 Spotify Tips and Tricks

With more than 60 million listeners Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service and with good course it’s simple interface and vast library make it a compelling choice even in the face of stiff competition from Apple music and title but the question is are you getting the most of it or are there certain functions that you should be using yet you didn’t know existed I have compiled a list of five hidden features a Spotify that are amazing but rarely known so without

Integration with smart home devices 

Reason why this made it to the number one because the combination of the smart home device and music I mean how cool is it to tell you’re a smart home assistant to play music without touching a single box.

“Google play my favorites playlist” alright playing your Spotify playlist called favorites, this is one of the most futuristic scenarios I can think of in today’s technology considering the fact that we are heading towards a fully connected future smart home devices would in that future become the Nexus of all connected devices and applications hence playing music should surely be a part of it.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications:

Going down the list number two is integration with third-party applications there are many applications that are integrated with Spotify among which are Nike Run Club, uber, tinder and Spotify ways these integrations aim to make your interaction with your device much smoother, for example, using Spotify ways you’ll be able to use Spotify while driving saving seconds switching from one app to another which we certainly don’t want to do when we’re using ways to navigate

Other than above, tinder also allows you to listen to your favorite song while chatting with your future dates on tinder I’m not sure how many people would really use it but the bottom line is Spotify has it.

Filter Feature:

This feature helps you navigate through your extensive list of music you have the experience where you’re looking for a specific track you know it’s in the playlist but you just can’t find it, this feature could help you with that.

simply by pressing Ctrl + F on a PC or a command F on a Mac the filter tab will appear on the top of the playlist and you can navigate through the playlist much easier this way

Collaborative Playlists:

Collaborated playlists this is a great feature on Spotify since it is all about the social aspect of music with collaborator playlist anyone with the link of the playlist can add tracks to the playlist or to modify it so this can be a secret among you and your best friends.

How you can set up a collaborative list go to any one of your playlists and right click you will see the option of collaborated list check the option and you are all set now all you need to do is to share this link of collaborator playlist with friends of yours whoever has the link will be able to modify it when you don’t want anyone to modify the list anymore just unchecked the option and you’re done.

Hidden Advanced Search Feature

This one is surely going to blow your mind do you know that there are certain keywords that could help you refine your Spotify search in my two years of premium Spotify experience I certainly did not know this the

Following keywords are available for refining your Spotify search use keyword, year to limit the year, the music that was published

Search By Year:



keyword AND, OR, NOT

For searching more than one keywords at a time for example if you’re looking for a collaboration between Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson you can type in Bruno AND  mark then only various versions of uptown funk will be shown there are also other keywords like genre, label and so on to help you further refine your searches furthermore

You can combine these keywords to get the most targeted music one example would be year 1989 to 2013 not here 1993 this helps you find all the targeted music during the year 1989 to 2013 without any tracks from the Year 1993.

For those who are looking for a specific piece of music this feature would fairly come in handy.

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