5 Major Samsung Galaxy S10 Problems and How to Fix Them

Today we are going to be bringing up the Five issues and problems for the galaxy s10 and how to fix each and every one of them so let’s get through it.

Bixby Button:

Samsung has made Bixby fix things but does not let you do any kind of Google assistant or any kind of Amazon software by default however you can actually get around this using Bixby so let see.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Under advanced features go to Bixby key
  3. Select Use Single Press
  4. And then press on Quick Command
  5. This quick command can basically be just opening up an app that you can select from App Drawer  Try to open up the Google assistant app

Split Screen:

Multi-Screen is a convenient feature for multi-tasker but usually, it is difficult to use and control it is not a fault in S10, it is due to Android pi. Now how to fix the split screen and get a better user experience.

  1. Go to Galaxy App store
  2. Search for Good Lock (Made by Samsung)

Now this application contains amazing tweaks for your S10

  • Lock Star
  • Quick Star
  • Task Changer
  • Clock Face
  • MultiStar(for Multi Screen)
  • Nav Star

Task changer allows you to change the split screen instead of the bland one they have to us being able to see a lot more apps right away which is of course, a lot more useful.

Multi-star gives you a better split-screen experience you can change the color and stuff like that you can even make any a split screen hello Netflix and apps that normally aren’t split screen. But the big thing that allows you to create is easier split-screen app pairings.

Punch Hole or Circular notch problem

To hide the punch hole or the circular notch and the whole idea behind this is that one the easiest solution is just to find a great wallpaper that kind of minimizes it especially on your home screens

The built-in solution is not useful offered by Samsung

In settings, you go to display and full-screen apps you can hide the camera now the problem with this is is it moves everything down so you effectively have a smaller display

Everything is moved down so every there’s nothing to the left of the punch hole which of course there should be so it’s very poorly designed

The better alternative solution to this called nacho notch, this allows you to do is to hide the notch in the correct way so now when you go to an app you still have all of your information at the top and nothing has been moved down it has been moved down slightly obviously because some part is black so now the app isn’t part of that part but all of your information is still usable.

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy s10:

Screenshot is a little bit more difficult on the s10 because of the fact that the power button is really at higher than it should be this is especially true on the S10 plus but there is a solution for that and that is something that  which is task edge or edge apps so for the edge apps the easiest thing you can used  to take a screenshot.

Use Edge Menu: Just swipe from the edge and immediately take a screenshot and you can move this on the left side or the right side, it’s a really quick way to take a screenshot.

In Screen FingerPrint Scanner Not Working:

Some awful screen protector blocks the way to Scanning your fingerprint. If you feel annoyed just taking that screen Protector off is Good for you or use some quality Screen Protector.

There is a way through which you can use the Fingerprint scanner more efficiently even if the protector is On. To get your fingerprint scanner to work much better enable touch sensitivity.

How to Enable Touch Sensitivity in Galaxy S10, S10 plus, S10E

Go into settings in to display and then turn on touch sensitivity this is off by default and it’s a very important decision on Samsung’s fault to forget to turn this on.

These are five issues with the galaxy as 10. There are other issues I should tackle and try to find solutions. :et us know in the comment section down below if you find any other particular problem.


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