4 Ways to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

In this article will be talking about the four different ways of taking a screenshot on the Samsung galaxy note 10 plus first let see what is behind both of Note 10 devices, Note series has two version note 10 and a note 10 Pro and both of these have 5g or LTE versions the note 10 is  smaller device, Samsung are continuing with the punch hole selfie camera but as previously advised they’re moving it to a single punch hole in the center the display for note 10 is 6.3 inch and 6.5 inch for Note 10 pro . Both has dynamic AMOLED display with the resolution of 1440 by 3040 and comes with the in display fingerprint scanner we have the volume rocker in the power button on the left on the right-hand side it’s completely bare, no 3.5mm jack along with the Bixby button but the IR blaster is making a return on the rear of the device that they’ve changed the camera layout to a vertical alignment and on the standard note 10 that we have a triple camera setup.

The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 855 in North America and globally the Exynos 9825 through with seven nanometer extreme ultraviolet lithography and should bring a significant improvement over the Exynos 9820 remain. Storage configurations are up to 12 gigs of ram and one terabyte of storage and this will of course be using UFS 3.

Comes of course with the s-pen it’s running Android 9 Pi in the form of 1 UI and it’s powered up by a 3400 milliamp-hour battery for note 10 and 4500 milliamp hour for the plus version.

Take Screen Shot using Samsung  S-pen

The first way that we will talk about is using the s-pen if you have taken the s-pen out if you’re hovering the S Pen over the screen and you see that small little dot on the screen that means all of the S Pen features will be activated when you click on S-Pen button it will pop up air command and inside of air command you have your option of screen write, if for some reason screen write is not there you can hit on plus button and make sure you add in screen write in this little air command.

  1. While Holding S-pen.
  2. Click the button located on S-Pen.
  3. An Air Command will Pop Up.
  4. Hit Screen Write(if you can’t find it hit Plus Sign to add).
  5. Once you click this will take a screenshot as well as allows to write on the screenshot.
  6. At the End Save the Screenshot, find the image in Gallery.

You can sign the document, maybe you’re taking a screenshot of  Google Maps and showing people the exact route.

Take ScreenShot Using Buttons:

In this way Screenshot can be taken using tradition way with buttons, simply press a combination of buttons on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus to take Screenshot.

There is one little trick through this way, you can catch it a second faster.

1. Click on the power and then press volume down button

The only reason is that if you accidentally press on volume down first the screenshot that you might take could possibly have the volume rocker on the very top.

Palm Swipe ScreenShot:

The third way of taking a screenshot is by using palm swipe to capture now you first have to turn Palm swipe on by heading over to the side of your settings you will go down to your advanced features and scroll down to where you see palm swipe to capture. How to Enable Palm Swipe

  • Go into the Settings
  • Go down to advanced features
  • Tap on Palm Swipe to Capture

Once you have this one turned on you do have to place your palm all the way across from edge to edge to take the screenshot, your palm does have to touch a little bit to the screen.

Bixby Assistance:

The fourth way of taking a screenshot is by using Bixby’s so this way all you have to do is say “hi Bixby take a screenshot”

  • Simply just say “Hey Bixby”
  • Ask Bixby to take a Screenshot

These are the four different ways of taking a screenshot and you never know what situation you’re in, maybe you’re not really able to hold on to the phone and you have to do it by voice maybe the phone in one hand already and you’re not able to do the power and volume down but possible you have the s-pen out you’re able to do it that way.


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