4 Handy tools to make your own gifs

With a simple gif you can quickly visualize data, comparisons or quantities. Useful for presentation, video or e-mail signature. With this a number of handy, accessible tools to make your own little gifs!

Data GIF Maker

Data GIF maker is a super handy tool for visualizing. There aren’t many options, but the options look visually appealing. Moreover, this tool is incredibly easy to use. Choose a shape, type in the numbers and text, change the colors if necessary, and your gif is ready to be download. Useful for presentations or video!

Canva for work

Canva for work is also very useful for informational gifs. Put your own text, shapes or logo and Canva animates it very simple for you. You must have the paid version of Canva to use this option.


There is, of course, the well-known GIPHY . Here you can choose from thousands of gifs to download, but you can also make your own gif from photos or a video. For example, you can have your logo ‘animated’ show your colleagues with company props. This can be very nice for the e-mail signature, for example.

Gif Me!

Finally, an app for mobile devices: Gif Me! is a nice, easily accessible app to quickly create and share a gif, simply on your smartphone. You can import videos or put a number of photos one after the other. Available on Apple and Android.

Do you ever make a GIF? And how do you use it for business? I am curious about your favorite tool.

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